Which flies cannot be seen…?

Time flies

what dose a priest and time have in common? there both predators

Its muffi time, 'cause I wanna die, die , die.

You no your ugly when you git handed the cameras every time your frind’s have a group picture.

The streets go blank in the dead of the day not a car to be seen A kingdom of corona-cation and it looks like moms the queen The wind is howling with this virus in the air Couldn’t keep it in china everyone knows it’s everywhere Don’t let friends in don’t be afraid Be the good girl you always have to be Conceal don’t feel your insanity That the virus caused!! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! You have to hold it back a little more! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! Turn away and slam your doors! I don’t care what the government says! Let me go to my friends house Sickness doesn’t get to me anyway. It’s funny how some distance makes everyone insane And the fears that once controlled me are here and present oh well! It’s time to see what I can do to test the limits and break through! No right no wrong but stay inside! WERE NOT FREEEE!! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! Be one with the peace inside!! Don’t let it go! Don’t let it go! Watch sad movies and cry!! Here I stand!! And here I’ll stay!! Cause I have nothing better to do The virus flurries through the air into my house! The storm is spiraling fear and fractals all around!! And one thought makes you wanna scream and shout out loud!! What if we never go back? What if the past is in the past??? DONT LET IT GO DONT LET IT GO!! And you’ll rise at the break of noon! DONT LET IT GO DONT LET IT GO!! That’s morning girl is gone!! HERE I STAND IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT CAUSE THATS WHEN I WOKE UP!! Let the virus rage on!!! The sickness never gets to me anyway. DING.

You know every time we think of sex an angel dies.

We ran out of dead people hundreds of years ago.

isn’t eating a clock time consuming

Once upon a time the three baby was born I 2015 she was always cry for 2015 he loves her born date 🤗😈🤗🤕🤒no🤗🤑😱😎🙌🙏🙈🙉🙊

One day a truck driver had a truck full of squirrels. A polise officer said," Sir, I’m going to need you to take these squirrels to the zoo." The driver did so and left. The next day the driver was back but this time the squirrels were wearing sunglasses. The officer said," I thought I told you to take these squirrels to the zoo." The driver said," I did. Today I’m taking them to the beach."

The only time rape jokes are okay; is when they aren’t forced.

What do you call a wife who knows where her husband is at all times?

A widow.

My teacher asked what was the worst time you got paddled by your parents my one friend said that he got in trouble and got whacked by a stick i raised my hand and said that my dad whacked me with his dick


Husband: Honey, Do you want sex? Whife: No thanks i have a headache. Husband: Is that your final answer? Whife: Mmmmm. Husband: Are you shure? -Whife Yes Husband: No doubts? Whife: No Husband starring a long time at his whife. Husband: Okey, I wanna use my lifeline to call a friend.

There are three men walking down the road and they come across a farm that is for sale. The three men look at each other and put all their money together to buy the farm. On that farm there is a cow a monkey and a bunch of cow food. The men are out of money and the farm is going out of business. One of the men’s sees that there is a contest for the biggest cow in the county. They entered the contest but it’s so thin. Every time they tried to feed the cattle it would poop and lose weight again, so one of them in suggested that they put a cork up the cows behind. The first guy says okay then go put a cork there. I don’t want to do it you do it no you do it. The third guy says let’s just get the monkey to do it. And the monkey puts the cork in the couch behind. They win the biggest cow contest and get the money they need to save the farm. The second guy realizes that they need to take the cork out of cow. Guys we need to take the cork out of the cow he says. Well I’m not going to do it you do it, no you do it. The third guy says let’s just get the monkey to do it again. So the monkey uncorks a cow. And there was a huge explosion… a few days later the three men wake up in the hospital. The doctor walks up to the first man what happened he asks the first man replies all I remember is that a horrible sound. The doctor walks up to the second man and asks what happened. All I remember is that horrible smell… The doctor walks up to the third man and again ask the same question. The third man looks at him and says all I remember is that poor poor monkey trying to put the cork back in.

What is always moving but we never see it walk? TIME HAHAHAHAHA

A little girl walks into the bathroom see her mom naked taking a shower and asks mommy mommy when am I gunna get breasts …mom say oh when your 12 or 13 …little girl looks down and see’s her pubes and asks mommy mommy when am I gunna get hair down there …mom say oh about the same time you get breasts…then the little girl walks in see her dad sitting on the bed with a hard on and asks daddy daddy when am I gunna get one of those …dad says soon as your mom leaves for work

We asked our teacher many times for an atlas and he said “atlast you can have one”

How did Stephen hawking die?

Windows didn’t update in time

How many times can 46 go in to 8? Just hop in the van and find out