What animal gets easily offended? The chicken; they always get roasted.

  1. My phone battery lasts longer than your relationships.

  2. Oh you’re talking to me, I thought you only talked behind my back.

  3. My name must taste good because it’s always in your mouth.

Friend… You so ugly. Me… You can’t be talking you give Freddy Krueger nightmares

If being ugly was a crime u would get a life sentence

me and my friend were roasting each other she : you look like a reese’s cup me:your so old your pubic hairs are 50 shades of gray

Your so dam fat that the only belt that fits you is an asteroid belt.

How did the USA beat Japan in rapping ?

By dropping two of the biggest roasts.

my phone battery last longer then your relasionships

my friend; yo stupid me; is that right and what exactly have you done in your lifetime that makes you einstien My friend; rolls eyes and says whatever me; keep on rolling them you might find your brain in there

1 your so dumb you thing Cheerios are donut seeds!

  1. Your so fat you could sell shade!
  2. Your just like coconut water, nobody likes you! 4 you been shopping lately because there selling lives around the corner, you should go get one! If being ugly was a crime, you would get a life sentence !! Are these good

Roast: What is the difference between your girlfriend and a walrus? One is hairy and smells like fish and the other is a walrus. Your welcome

Bully: nobody loves you Me: aww it must have hurt when your mom told you that.

if I had a face like yours I would sue my parents

Bully…you such an asshole. Me… Acting like a dick won’t make yours any bigger

Boi your the reason the great wall of China is a thing. You so ugly the Chinese needed to block you out

bully: your mom gay me: there something on your chin bully: where me: no, on your fourth one

I would slap you but that would be animal abuse (▼へ▼メ) (▼へ▼メ) (▼へ▼メ) (▼へ▼メ)

you like to draw? bc I like the m d, raw :)

Boi you can’t be talking because it someone punched you in the face you will be the one to apologize

your mama so fat the flash died half way running around her