Genders are like the twin towers. There used to be two of them and now it’s a sensitive subject

Why are the twin towers mad?

They ordered pepperoni pizza but all they got was plain.

The twin towers are like genders, there used to be two of them

Me and my brother where called the twin towers, my brother lived up to his title after the plane crash

Osama Spin Laden, dropping beats like the twin towers

whats the difference between the twin towers and an ugly girl. the twin towers at least got f...ed.

I don’t like it when people make 9/11 jokes. My dad was in it. He was the best damn pilot in saudi arabia

What is a terrorists DJ name? Osama Spin Laden Droppin beats like the twin towers

What is the dofference between mcdonalds and 911

Mcdonalds has a drive through Twin towers has a fly through

Q: you want to know way I don’t make jokes about 9/11 A: They tend to crash and burn

Who are the fastest readers of all time?

People who jumped out of the twin towers. Why? Because they went through 13 stories within 5 seconds.

A receptionist at the twin towers order two pepperoni pizza’s, she was upset when she got two planes.

Kid: “What happened to dad?” Mom: “he flew into the twin towers.”

I don’t like it when people make jokes about 9/11, because we lost 19 great patriots that day.

In America planes hit the twin towers. In Soviet Russia Twin Towers hit planes.

Who reads the fastest? The pilot of the plane who hit one of the twin towers, He took out 83 stories in one go.

Did you know the people in the twin towers were great readers?

Yea, they went through 80 stories in seconds.

Why was the Twin Towers knocked over? Chuck Norris was leaning on one of them.

My Dick

How do you know that the U.S. suck at chess/

They lost two towers.

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