Twin Towers Jokes

What do the twin towers and my ex-girlfriend have in common? They both went down on my dad.

When you name yourself twin towers and Terrorist in Kahoot:

Twin towers is on fire🔥

Terrorist is on a streak of 2

Why are the twin towers mad?

They ordered pepperoni pizza but all they got was plain.

A receptionist at the twin towers order two pepperoni pizza's, she was upset when she got two planes.


All these jokes are plane wrong. My uncle died in 911. At least he died doing what he loved, flying planes.

I heard some twin brothers were going as buildings to the school costume contest so i went as a plane, it didn't fly to well with people.


I know a good airplane joke but it would probably go over your heads. The twin towers: no it won't.

What did the twin towers mom say when she fed them, open wide honey here comes the air plane