Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris was a kamikaze pilot. 12 times.



Stop making 9/11 jokes, my father died in a plane crash

Best pilot in Saudi Arabia



To become a licensed, airline pilot requires 1,500 hours (two years) of training. But it only takes 10 seconds to steal the pilot’s jacket and hat.



“I hate when people make 911 jokes because my grandfather died during the twin tower attacks, he was the best pilot in saudi arabia”

Twin Towers


I don’t like making jokes about 9/11, my grandad died in it, he was the greatest pilot I ever knew



whats the difference between a terrorist base and an elementary school?

I don’t know, I’m just the drone pilot



What is a Mexican’s favorite band?

Twenty Juan Pilots



A Pilot is having a talk with one of his passengers, the passenger asks, “Why did you become a Pilot?” The Pilot replies with, “To face my fears.” The passenger then says “You’re afraid of heights?”. “No, i’m afraid of dying alone”.



( just a joke) my grandfather was involved in 9/11 😞. I’ve kept his pilot medals for how good of a pilot he was



Three guys are on a plane one is Asian, one is Mexican, and the other is an American, and the Pilot says “There is to much weight on the plane, you all need to throw something off.” So the Mexican threw out a burrito and said , “I have plenty of these where I come from,” the the Asian threw out some rice and said “I have plenty of these in my country,” The American threw out a bomb and said, “I have a lot of these in my country.” The plane crashes anyway and the three men start to walk away from the crash, as they were walking the found a boy crying they asked him what was wrong and he said, “A ton of Buritos fell out of the sky and got me all messy,” The men started walking away and soon enough they found another boy crying they asked him what was wrong and he said, “A ton of rice fell out of the sky and sherded all my clothes.” The guys knew who did it but avoided the trouble, they kept on walking and found a kid laughing so hard he was on the ground, and they asked what had been so funny the boy said, “MY GRANDPA FARTED AND THE HOUSE BLEW UP!!!”

Twin Towers

Osame bin laden

911 jokes are just plane wrong, my dad was a great pilot you know.

This joke problably flew over peoples heads, but for some people it flew into their head



grandfather hit a building

My grandfather died in 9/11.

He was a great pilot


C.. dan

My dad died in 9/11, He was a great pilot

Twin Towers


best friend makes 9/11 joke

you: hey my dad was inside the tower

best friend: im sorry

you: I always knew he was a great pilot

Twin Towers

Bush did 9/11

Who reads the fastest? The pilot of the plane who hit one of the twin towers, He took out 83 stories in one go.


The Man

My Great Grandfather died in 9/11

He was an Amazing Pilot

Twin Towers


I don’t like it when people make 9/11 jokes. My dad was in it. He was the best damn pilot in saudi arabia


Tasteful Dark-Humor

The greatest Doctor, smartest man, young geek, and inspiring preacher are on a plane. The pilot dies of a heart attack, and is confirmed by the doctor. But, there are only 3 parachutes on the plane. The doctor takes one and says,

“People need me for my excellent medicine!” and jumps out. The smart man grab one and shouts,

“People are in need of my great knowledge!” and jumps out. There is only one more parachute on the plane. The preacher says to the geek,

“You are to young. Take the final parachute and go.” The geek instead says,

“No, there are two parachutes left, the ‘smart’ one took my backpack.”

Osama Bin Laden


People joke about 9/11, but its not funny My dad died in 9/11

Best pilot in Saudia Arabia



I don’t understand the plane crash at 9/11. my dad was a great pilot!