when you use ancestry.com instead of tinder

When your crush walks in class but youre homeschooled…

So I hooked up with a girl at a party, but I forgot that it was a family reunion. (SWEET HOME ALABAMA STARTS PLAYING

When meeting her parents don’t require you to leave the house

The sexual shout “Yes Daddy” probably originated in alabama

Guys my sisters pregnant!

Im finally a dad!

What’s the best part about plowing your cousin?

-It makes your sister jealous

Ancestry.com is spelt with an “I” in Alabama.

I told my sister I was into incest. She took it really hard. 😉😏

i cought my girlfriend cheating on me, with our dad.

What do you say after committing incest?

No Chromo!

Only one of Kenny’s girlfriends has ever said he’s good in bed. But she has to. She’s his mom.

Some people think incest jokes are funny. I just think it’s all relative.

Johnny: Mommy, Mommy! What is incest? Mom: Shut up and keep licking.

I brought my cousin to an arcade and I gave her 5$ to go play a game but she tugged my joy stick to hard

the last thing i told my ex after we broke up was “at least we’re still cousins”😂

Looks like the gene pool in your family is about three inches deep

Closer kin, deeper in !

What do you call a redneck sister who runs faster than her brothers?

A virgin.

i hooked up with the groom at my uncle’s wedding