Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Jokes

What does Michael Jackson and an Xbox have in common? Firstly, they both went from black to white and secondly they both get turned on by kids.

A lot of people claim that white privilege does not exist. Well, how the hell do you explain Michael Jackson not being charged for raping children, despite ample evidence?

Did you hear about Johnny Depp's shelter for abused women? It's going as well as Michael Jackson's children's hospital!

Wacko Jacko bleached his skin, lit his head on fire, slept in a chamber, abused his pet monkey, built an amusement park on his own backyard, had toys as decor for his home, slept with little boys, raped little boys. Jacko was Florida Man before Florida Man.

Despite Michael Jackson’s legal problems while we was alive, McDonald’s is still going to honor his life achievements in the music industry by naming a sandwich after him.

They’re going to call it the McMichael! It’s going to be a fifty year old piece of meat pressed between two eight year old buns.


What's the difference between a Catholic hospital and Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital?

No seriously, what is it?

I was gobsmacked when I encountered the Jacko special at a Bunnings sausage sizzle. A 40 year old sausage on 7-year-old white bread.

He sang a love song to a rat, yet stans are befuddled on why people keep calling their idol "Wacko Jacko".

what did they do with michael jackson when he died

he got so many plastic surgeries that they melted him down into legos and let kids play with him for a change

Person 1: Goodness, when is Michael Jackson going to stop eating these white chocolate truffles? He is already making a goddamn mess on his bed eating a few of them.

Person 2: Well, he cannot resist the little white balls.