Why do ducks have feathers?

To cover their butt-quack.

the toilet paper tried to cross the road he couldnt because he was stuck in a CRACK

What did one butt check say to the other? “Between you and me it stinks in here”

2 old people sitting on a bench one turns to the other and says my butt fell asleep the other says yep i heard it snore a couple of times

What medicine do you take when your butt hurts ANSWER: assprin

Three guys are stranded with cannibals on an island. The cannibals said “Each one of you come back with 10 pieces of fruit and shove them up your butt showing no emotion”. The first guy came back with 10 apples and by the second one he started to grunt so he was killed and eaten. The second one came back with cherries and when he went to put the 10th one in he started to laugh so he was killed and eaten. The two guys met in heaven and the first guy said" dude you were so close what happened?" The second one said" I would have made it but I saw the third guy come back with 10 pineapples!!"😝😝🤣🤣

Someone butt dialed me again yesterday. It seems that only assholes want to speak to me.

A son walks up to his dad and says "Dad! I just had sex for the first time." The dad goes "Great! Wanna sit down and talk about it?“ The son says "I cant sit right now, my butt is very sore.”

What do you call a guy whose hand is up a horse’s butt?

An Amish Mechanic.

Why did the bum get a slap ?

Because it was being to cheeky

[God creating spiders] God: make it have 8 legs Angel: ok? bit excessive but ok God: and 8 eyes Angel: You need to calm down and li- God: give it a butt rope

Is buttcheeks one word?

Or should I spread em?

What does the cannibal do after he dumps his girlfriend?

He wipes his butt.

What did one buttcheek say to the other buttcheek Together we can stop this shit

Yo mama is so stupid she shoved two double A batteries up her butt and said, “ i’ve got the power “

If you are American in the living room, what are you in the bathroom?


If Italy attacked France from the rear,.,.,…,. . Would Greece help!

I was pretty tight friends with my butt plug. But then we had a falling-out.

This page could use more “butt quack” jokes.

yo mama so ugly that when she was born the doctor looked at her face then at her butt and said Twins!