The only reason Stephen Hawking died is because he forgot to update to the latest version of Microsoft

Leave a like Down below if you think Stephen Hawking should stand for the National Anthem

The other day at school we had to write down our hero and what we would do if they walked into our house. I got off easy because my hero is Stephen Hawking.

What do you call Stephen Hawking on fire?

Hot wheels.

What did Steven Hawlkings last words? Error 404 File Not Found

Stephen Hawkings isn’t really dead, he’s just rebooting

What’s the difference between Stephen Hawking and the computer he’s hooked up to? – The computer runs.

Sucks Stephen Hawking died so soon, the new Intel update just came out.

Stephen Hawking’s death was purely accidental. He clicked “shut-down” instead of “sleep”.

Have you ever walked into Stephen Hawking’s house? No,he hasn’t either.

Why has Stephen hawking’s stopped playing hide and seek with his wife? Because she keeps using a metal detector

What did Stephen Hawking say when his computer crashed?


what does Stephen hawking have in common with a bull ? they both charge

why did Stephen hawking die? because he lost wifi connection

What’s black and at the top of the stairs?

Stephen Hawking after a house fire

What’s stephen hawkins favorite song?

-They see me rolling.

Why does Stephen Hawking do one-liners?Because he can´t do stand up.

It’s said Duracell batteries are to last 75 yrs, well Stephen here you are

In a cruel twist of Irony Stephen Hawkins Favourite song was “I’ve got the power”.

Stephen hawking walked into a bar. just kidding:(

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