Emo Jokes


Like if you know someone is emo

georgy t

what happens when the president turns emo? the great depression


What do you call a flat chested emo girl

A cutting board


I got detention yesterday because I told the emo kid to "Hang in there."

What do u call a emo cappella group

Self harmony

Funny 13 yr old

So sad when the emo kid tried to give a high five to a tree

To bad he left him hanging

in Dark Humor

Taking an emo kid grocery shopping does have it's perks.... You get to scan their wrists for discounts!


A emo texted a tree wanna hang out... The tree ghosted her


What game does an emo hate the most?

Cut the Rope

What do you call the whole population turning into emos?

The Great Depression.


What do emos and apples have in common?

They both hang on trees.

in Depression

if an emo doesn't get better by Christmas Santas reindeer won't be the only thing jumping off roofs this year


Why did the emo kid get kicked out of the amusement park?

He kept cutting in line.


why don't emos live alone?they like to hang with their freinds.


What do you call an emo strip club?

Suicidal Thots


A man went to the library and asked for a book about suicide. The librarian said go away you won’t bring it back


What do you call a group of Emo kids?

Suicide Squad.

What jumps and never let's go?

An Emo kid.

I bet all Emos want to be like their biggest influencers some day.


Why do Emos want to be the "Scene" these days?

The only thing I've "Scene" from them is their suicide rate climbing, it's starting to climb quicker than they did to get to the top of whatever they jumped off.

Emo girls be like- how much am I worth... Girl scan the code on your wrist

I am Major

What do you call a group of emos?

Suicide Squad.