Worst Jokes Ever

Worst Jokes Ever

"Monica Lewinsky has went down on Bill Clinton several times. What's stopping her from having a one-night stand with Donald Trump?"

"Trump is nothing more than a little pussy, dont'cha know?"

Why do Republican men hate transgender people?

Because they lost a dick-measuring contest to a ladyboy in Thailand!

It's telling that Ye gets more offended when he's called a gayfish than a Nazi.

Just because someone is white doesn't mean they are bad.

Sure white Americans all treat Trump like a deity and are proud of their heritage of enslaving blacks.

But Canadians and Australians don't throw a hissy fit every time they see someone not white. And they don't think Europe is a country.

Because of all the rampant inbreeding in America, it's not a surprise that Hollywood had to poach models, comedians, and actors from Canada and Australia.

My boyfriend always likes when I wear my fishnet sleeves. He says it looks great on me, but he doesn’t know that my skin is covered with scars... no one does. No one questions why I wear them everyday. I hope it says like that because I can’t deal with my mom finding out that I still hurt myself.

The USA guaranteeing freedom of speech is the biggest joke I've heard...

Tell that to the people who were almost killed because their cars had "NASCAR Sucks" and "Country and Western is rubbish" on them!

Yo Mama's so fat... whilst she was walking the streets of London, she accidentally bumped into someone, and that someone yelled, "Stupid American!"

What’s the difference between a cancer patient and British news reporter in south They usually don’t live to tell the tale