Orphan: I want to be a super Hero Me: you should be batman. Also me: starts laughing because batman doesn’t have parents…

What is the difference between a rapist and a dictionary? One of them knows the definition of no.

Why can’t u give a orphan homework?

Because they don’t have a home to do it in

What do fish 🐟 take to stay healthy ?

Vitamin Sea.

What did one cow say to the other? You are mootiful

What’s the difference between drugs and kids?

I don’t sell drugs.

Why can’t orphans play baseball Because they don’t know where home is

daughter:dad why are you so mean dad:because you are so mean that’s why daughter:you so get on my nerves dad:i am gonna slap you in yo god darn head if you don’t shut up daughter:wow dad you savage dad:21 SAVAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! daughter:oh my god i am telln’ mom that you are doin’ that thing again

How does a penguin 🐧 build its house?

Igloos it together!

what do you call a cow with no legs

a cow with no legs

Poop back wards is poop 💩

What did Batman do when he went shopping?

Got ham!

A Grasshopper walked into a bar and sat down at the counter…The Bartender looked at him and said, “We have a drink named after you”. The Grasshopper replied, “Who names a drink Steve?”

A black man walks into a bar. He is then beaten to death.

Jay and Andrew, are best friends whom are almost alike, the difference between them both is Jay is poor and well…Andrew on the other hand is suck-a-dick-poor. Let me explain, Jay wakes-up in his room, walks to the kitchen and asks his mom Lisa (I call her Lisa now btw) if there is anything to eat, “No bitch !” She replies, so Jay drinks a glass of milk and goes back to bed. Now Andrew…wakes-up jumps out of bed and he’s in the kitchen, he sees his mom fixing some for work, after a long hard night of giving her husband blue-balls, “Anything left for me Mother?” Andrew asks “Sorry Honey, I have to eat to put food on the table and to get the running again.” *so she goes to work taking her time * Andrew sits by his bedside and says to himself “Man…I’d suck a dick for some water right now.” his mom storms back after hearing what he had said "I’ll buy you a soda if u do my first customer for me!!! "

KFC doesn’t use toilet paper because it is finger lickin good

Is your middle name fancy feast? Cause your face looks like a can of dog food

What’s the difference between me and Chester Bennington? I know how to use an exercise band.

Levon Aronian’s wife died in a car crash. That’s wheelie unfortunate.

Why can’t an orphan play base ball??? He doesn’t know where home is