Knock Knock Who’s there Little old lady Little old lady who I didn’t know you could yodel

Watches sad movie with family

Everyone else: Crying

Sister: How aren’t you crying?

Me: I have no tear left to cry…

Are you suicide, cause you’re always on my mind

Why did helen keller’s dog kill it’s self? I would to if all I heard was daaaaaaah!

Yo mam so fat the trump used her like a wall.

What do you call a pissed off midget?

A micro-aggression

why did susie fall off the swing

bc she had no arms

‘knock knock’

‘whos there‘

‘not susie!‘

A hot girls wants to do suicide and jump from a bridge when an ugly smelly homeless weirdo walks up to her. And he says "hey you hot babe, let’s fuck. She just answers “get the fuck away you ugly bastard”. The guy just laughs and says “alright i wait down there”.

When I am getting bore, I hold a banana start shaking suddenly it gives out juice after a few min I get excited ohhhhhhj…
Try with a cucumber

what’s yellow and can’t swim?? a school bus with elementary kids

What goes after the butt?— the POST-erior

What does ACLU stand for? American Communist Lawyers Union

Whats up with airline food?

What did the Army Solider say after he got his legs fixed?


What does a car have when its very itchy?

A road rash

Jesus was a carpenter who got nailed to a piece of wood

Me say crack my finger My hubby crack my finger Now say it backwards

What’s loud, red and goes at 200mph?

Paul Walker’s Porsche