Worst Jokes Ever

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like if your bestfreind is emo

My friend called me a dick earlier. I said you are what you eat. He then proceeded to run away from me.

I gave a blind kid a gun telling him it was a hair drier.

dark jokes

What do you call Hitler in a pool? Adolfin

Like if your bestfriend is emo *repost* or like if you have a bestfriend

Fat mama
in Yo mama

Yo mama is so fat she wakes up on both sides on the bed

in Orphan

why cant orphans be gay?cecause theyhave no one they can call daddy

Titanic fan

Knock knock who there joe mama

in Michael Jackson

Why does Michael Jackson shave his pubes before he sleeps with a child? Because he's a Smooth Criminal.

in Hairline

your hairline is so bad even your gay friend is straighter then it.

Welcome to the roadkill cafe, where yesterday's crash is today's cash.

Fat mama
in Yo mama

I know 5 fat people and your mama is 4 of them

in Morgue

Welcome to Morgan's Morgue and Pizzaria where yesterday's loss is today's sauce!

Charlie joy
in Roast

Ur mama so fat that when she when to the ocean all the whales started singing we are family even know your fatter than me

Mike O.
in Guess

Mike Oxlong: What's deez Mike? Mike Oxsmall: I dunno. What is deez? Mike Oxlong: DEEZ NUTS! HA, GOT 'EM!


What do you call Autistic kids baking? Downies with brownies

in Orphan

Why did the orphan rod the bank

To be wanted


Some people put zodiacs on everything They said they couldn’t go to the party bc of cancer

in Ball

Knock knock Who’s there Draggin’ Draggin’ who? Draggin’ these balls around yo’ face