Worst Jokes Ever

Listen women, I’ve had it with you complaining about getting raped, first of all rape is a natural thing in nature. It is no surprise women get raped because it is meant to happen. The word consent is so fucking stupid because it’s what dominates and gets dominated. Listen ladies if naturally a full grown guy can spread your legs, remove your panties, and can insert his dick into your pussy. It is something that you cannot stop because men are more powerful then women. There is a reason men are more powerful than women. They have life harder with more responsibility and have to take care of the family. And a women’s body is made curvy and attractive to attract a man to have intercourse and girls are supposed to allow men as it is their reward for keeping society intact, so please don’t complain about getting raped. It is meant to happen and it doesn’t help when women wear revealing or sexy dresses and don’t expect to insert their dicks into women’s vagina. It literally releases hormones to the male body to go have intercourse. For example: I am married to a beautiful wife who listens to me all the time and I reward her with whatever she wants. But, one day I came back from work angry as hell and she was wearing a tight white shirt and tight pajamas and was showing her cleavage to me and I was keeping my sex hormones in check for over 2 months since our marriage but assoon as she says “why are you looking at me?” “Your such a pervert!” I lost it because she as a women who is weaker than me is shouting at me while she is wearing revealing dresses?!? I snapped and tore her shirt and her bra and slapped until she cried. She peed her pajamas while this happened and this aroused me so I stripped her pajamas and panties as I also stripped my clothes and spread her legs. She begged “stop I’m sorry” but it was too late. I was a man and she was a women so I did what was natural in nature and shoved my dick into her pussy and made her cry and bleed and impregnated her as I came In her.

∞ Meadow ∞
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Everyone always has a special person in there life someday, but I think yours got ran over by a bus

Hey girl are your pants a mirror. ‘Cause I can see myself in them.


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What is it called when an orphan takes a selfie

Family photo


We love russia we do we love russia we do we love russia we do oh russia we love you 🇷🇺

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Yo mama so fat, even thanos had to snap twice

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Elderly man: can I get a discount please, I fought in world war 2…

Cashier: sure!

Elderly man: danke


A farmer artificially impregnated a cow, the cow said to another cow, “it’s a miracle, I’m pregnant.” the other cow said, “that’s impossible it’s only us cows in the field you must be joking.” The first cow said, “nope I’m serious… no bull.”

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What do a a stole and a emo have in common… They both sit still

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Yo mama so fat, when she bought a fur coat a whole species went extinct.

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I always wear puma, put ma ballz in your mouth


These orphan jokes are getting old. I mean seriously haven’t you got something better to tell

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You know why women wear tampons so the crabs could bungee jump

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You should bully orphans what are they going to do tell their parents.

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Why did the orphan go to church

        To finally call someone father 😂😂
The weirdo beatie
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Why can’t orphans be gay? Because they have no one to call daddy


My uncle and I have some what of an awkward relationship. At times I find him a bit hard to swallow.


My Dad pays a lot of attention to our household and has always had a good eye for detail. He was the one that first noticed that my mother and I have the same ring size.


People always ask what the secret of our families happiness is. It is simple really. 1 Television and computer games are limited to a couple of hours each week. 2. We all give each other a hand when needed. Last but not least we play twister.


My family is lucky I was born so smart, every time my Dad is struggling at work, he always turns to me when he needs to get ahead.