Why was the Orphans first phone a IphoneX

Because it didn’t have a home button

Me and my brother talking about relationships Me: We live kind of differently Brother: We’re sort of alike Me: We’re not alike Brother because he’s taken: cause you don’t have boyfriend! My thoughts: You’re right. Cause I have a girlfriend!

“did you go to the light show?”

“Yeah it was lit”

Why did Helen Keller walk in on someone in the bathroom? Because she didn’t know it was the bathroom

roses are red my blood is too i see a lot when i lost u

What is the worst motivational thing to say to a depressed person?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Why did the bee get married?

Because she found her honey.

To whoever has my voodoo doll, please hold its hand.

Getting murdered by someone is probably the most intimate experience I’ll ever have.

There is nothing funnier than my life (Evan 2020)

Why do you joke about Helen Keller? She was a good person and she learned sign language and learn to talk. So Why DO YOU MAKE FUN OF HER!

roses are red violets are blue my bed has room for 2 ;)

How are genders and twin towers alike? There used to be 2 but now it’s a sensitive topic.

Why did the orange fall off the tree? Cause he went out on a limb

What do you call a sheep obsessed with cars? A lambo.

What do you come a dog with no legs? It don’t matter what you it, cause it ain’t gonna come to you.

Why did you scream? Oh… Hellen Keller she tried to cook… 😨

How does Helen Keller say dad? I don’t know but you should ask her… wait never mind she can’t talk.

Whats the Difference between acne and the Pope? Acne waits till your 13 to cum on your face

hubble just spotted something huge coming out of uranus