Why arent orphans good at monopoly?

They dont know what a house is

One day, he started crying out of nowhere. Everyone started crying with him. There was a crying pandemic going around.

I saw a beautiful homeless girl and asked if I could take her out on a date. She politely accepted and enjoyed herself. Soon after I asked if I could take her home, she smiled and nodded her head. Her smile disappeared when she saw me running away with her cardboard box.

How do you get a depressed person out of a tree?

You cut the rope…

What do my cloths and a depressed person not have in common?

My cloths don’t hang themselves…

why are girls and rocks so alike? if there flat they get skipped.

You know, being a bitch is hard…but i found the person who’s up for the challenge…You

My mom told me drugs are my enemies… but Jesus said to love your enemies

What did the rope say to me?

“hey there man, you wanna hang later?”

whoever took my anti-depressent pills

I hope your fucking happy

damn yall hit it hard with tows jokes

I don’t like the word gun

Whenever I say it people always get triggered

What’s a cannibals favorite place? A day care

If someone with a lisp dropped a hammer on their foot, would they be Thor?

Everybody misses Xxxtentacion but the bullet didn’t…

What did the orphans mom say to him when he got into trouble?

Nothing because he doesn’t know his parents…

What happens to a baby when you let it run loose it can’t cause it can’t run yet

An Autistic Chef made Hamburgers out of Donkey meat.

He called them: “ASPERGER’S”

Q.How did the skeleton know it would rain A. He read the weather forecast