Worst Jokes Ever

Panera bread worshiper

what do you call it when you get married in panera bread

panera wed

George W. Bush

I hate my wife


i have no father. like if you relate

The Jokester

Sara opens her lunch and reads the letter inside. "I packed your favorite -love mom," Sara reaches in and announces "yay PB and J," Tom goes in his lunch and pulls out a letter " go bye your self something healthy at the cafeteria -Dad," then pulls out 20 bucks and says "nice," they both look at craig as he pulls out a letter. craig reads the letter in his head, it said "WE HAVE YOUR PARENTS, THEY TELL US THEY KEEP THE MONEY UNDER THER BED. BRING $10 000 TO THE RANDAVOU POINT OR THEY WILL BE KILLED. YOU DIDN'T TAKE US SERIOUSLY LAST TIME SO THERE IS MORE PROOF IN YOUR LUNCH." Craig throughs down the letter and pulls a finger out of his lunch. Tom and Sara look shocked, then Craig says "ugh, severed finger, again!"


Who are the fastest readers? The victims of 9/11. They went through 87 stories in 10 seconds.

King of Furries

in Orphan

Father: I’m taking your toys to the orphanage. Child: But why? Father: So you won’t be bored. You’re going to need them there.

Left tower

What did the north tower say to the south tower

Let’s talk later I gotta catch a plane


You are so ugly when you looked in the mirror your reflection walked away.

Joe pimpernick aka your second father

You know some of these jokes took me 9 minutes and 11 seconds to realize when I did it hit me like a plane

cirtified goofball

if your left nut was thanksgivin and uour right nut was chismas than you wouldent have any balls because their holadaiys

King of Furries

in Orphan

Judge: We shall now sentence you for the murder of your parents. Accused: Please consider a lenient sentence, your honour. Judge: But why? Accused: Because I’m an orphan.

Crosby’s boyfriend’s boyfriend

in Orphan

Yah hurtful towards you. Bro took it personally, literally.


in Kobe

Helicopter, Helicopter Kobe Bryant in my chopper Sitting next to burning daughter Lots of smoke and little laughter

The Jokester

I have the heart of my mom, the face of my dad, the eyes of my grandpa, the ears of my grandma, and the hair of my uncle. We don't look anything alike I just collect body parts


My dad told me to stop with the suicide jokes so I said I’ll cut it out

The Jokester

Why did all the numbers mourn 10. Because he was in the middle of 9,11

The Jokester

2 men ran into a bar, you would have thought after the first one hit it the second one would have seen it

George W. Bush

hey i misplaced 2.1 trillion a few days ago on september 7th 2001


what do you do when a panera bread panera breads?

Panera bread