What’s the only long-lasting thing from China?




why do orphans eat cereal with water, because their dad never came home with the milk


area school kid

why cant orphans go to costco because its a family shop

Little Johnny


Little Johnny is in class one day and little Timmy starts laughing. The teacher says what’s so funny? He said I can see your bra strap. The teacher says don’t come back to class for a week, so he get up and walked out. A few minutes later little Billy starts laughing, and she ask what’s funny now? Little Billy said I can see both of your bra straps. The teacher says get out of my class room for a month. So little Billy got pissed he walked out and slammed the door, this scared the teacher and she dropped the chalk. She picked it up then she stood back up and she sees little Johnny walking out of the classroom. She asked where do you think your going? He said well teach after what I saw I’m done with school for a lifetime.



If your parachute doesn’t work, don’t worry. You have the rest of your life to figure it out.



Why was the barber mad cause I gave him a buzzcut


Homo Simpson

Roses are red, violets are blue I buttfucked scooby doo



Why are orphas always sad because there parents are not there to chear them up



My favorite bartender serves drinks so strong, he gives a “get well soon” card with each one of them!

Jack and Jill


Jack and jill went up my ass to eat a big dildo but jack died cause he got hit by a brown thing


“Oh waiter! Waiter!”

“Yes sir?”

“Do you have frog’s legs?”

“Why yes”

“Good. Now hop along and get me a steak!”



Why do orphans cry so much?

They can’t find a place to go

Little Johnny


Little Johnny was in class and his teacher asked “how many of you guys are trump fans?” since the entire class wanted to be liked by the teacher, they all raised their hands. Well except little Johnny. So the teacher asks, “why are you being different again Johnny…” so little Johnny says “well because im a democrat. My mom is a democrat and my dad is a democrat, so im a democrat!” so then the teacher responds with “well what if your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot what would that make you?” well little Johnny says, “a trump fan!”


corn ball

What’s the difference between a apple and a orphan

The apple gets picked



what did stephen hawking say when trying to talk to a reporter, beep boop beep beep boop.


I was about to joke about your life, but I think your life is already a joke.

Yo mama

Yo mama is so ugly she walked in a haunted house and walked out with a job application.