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Sixty years ago Stephen Hawkings teacher got fired for accidentally making an offensive joke. What was it? Go for your dreams kids reach for the stars.

I see some objects over there… oh never mind, that’s a woman.

What’s the best part about having sex with 23 year olds… there’s 20 of them

😥This is offensive sorry: What did the king say to his royal steed “You gonna start the dishwasher or what”?

what do u call hitler

gay follow my instagram @kaching_memes I post offensive videos that will make u laugh

why are cripples offensive to patriots?because they can’t stand for the pledge of allegiance.

Derrick and Clive. They have a song about a Dad with Cancer and other extremely offensive subjects in a routine called “The non stop dancer”. It is very funny but it is made even funnier by Dudley moors, drunken and stoned laughter through the song. One of the best routines ever. Look it up on YouTube. They recorded them in the studio but they are adlibbing and extremely drunk.

( just a joke) my grandfather was involved in 9/11 😞. I’ve kept his pilot medals for how good of a pilot he was

If u r talking to Indian and noticed a red dot appear on their forehead, be careful of what u said… They r recording it down… Careful… (no offense) pure joke.

There was a blind man in wwe and the commentator said WATCH OUT WATCH Oh he can’t see after he was sued for national offense