There are five cows on a farm, one mamma cow and four baby calves. The first baby walks up to the mom and asks, “Momma, why is my name Rose?” The mommy cow replies, “Well honey, a rose petal fell on your head when you were born.” The next calf comes up and asks, “Momma, why is my name Lily?” The mother replies, “Because honey, a lily petal fell on your head when you were born.” The third baby comes up and asks, “Momma, why is my name Daisy?” The momma cow again replieds" Well, when you were born a daisy petal fell on your head." The final baby walks over and says, “Huh Ruh Buh Duh!” The momma cow says, “Shut up, Cinderblock!”

Yo mama like a penny: two faced, worthless and in everybody’s pants

yo mama’s so stupid she got locked in Matress World and slept on the floor.

yo mama so stupid that she got fired from the M&M factory for throwing away all the W’s

Yo mama so dumb she got hit by a cup and told the police she got mugged.

Well I’m off too the orphanage to tell yo mama jokes

yo mama so fat thanos had to snap twice

Yo mama is so fat it took Nation Wide 15 years to get on her side.

Yo mama is so ugly, she walked into a haunted house and walked out with a job application.

Yo mama so fat, when she walked by the TV, I missed three episodes.

yo mama so fat thanos had to clap

yo momma so fat that when she crossed the road people mistook her for a roundabout.

Yo mama so fat, she got baptized at SeaWorld.

your mama so stupid she brought a spoon to the superbowl.

Yo Mama so fat when she stepped on the scale it said-- To be continued

Yo mama so fat she sat on an iPhone and turned it into an iPad.

Yo mama so stupid, she stared at a juice box because it said concentrate

What’s the difference between that bridge and my will to live? None, they’re both too short.

Yo mama so dumb. She sold her car for gas money.~~ Yo mama so poor the ducks throw bread at her.

Yo mama’s so stupid that she studied for her eye test