Hello if you would like to talk sports please find a chat meant for that. I personally don’t like them and I enjoy talking on here so please stop

If you got cut this season, I would not the fuck be mad, dude. Real shit, man. I’m sorry dude. I-I-I, I, I, I don’t want no racist mothafuckas up on my football team, I’m sorry, that’s just me, though. I’ll catch you guys later, and you guys have a good one.

I know you came out and you made a- a e- a- you came out and you made an apology, but fuck you and yo goddamn apology, okay? Fuck dat shit. I understand you was drunk and you was drinkin’ and stuff, you know what I’m sayin’, and who knows, you just might actually be, might just actually be, y’know, on some real shit, be sorry for actually using it, you might actually be sincere, but how the fuck am I supposed to know that? How the fuck are the fans around the city of Philly supposed to know that? We don’t!

ALL THE FUCKIN’ WIDE RECEIVERS is black, you know what I’m sayin’, except you and David fuckin’ Ball, but David Ball, man, that’s a nobody, fuck him, y’know what I’m sayin’, but…

And, N- 90% of the fuckin’ population in Philly is black.

I look like, dude- I FEEL like a DUMBASS! Real shit, okay, now, I still think you a beast upon the football field. As far as- me… liking you as a person, fuck you, dawg, okay? Can’t stand yo fuckin’ ass, dawg. Can’t stand you now, man! Y’know, and my whole thing is this, dawg, you fuckin’ up big time man, you over here-

When Jeremy Maclin went down, when, when, he tore his ACL and his fuckin’ MCL in the same goddamn day, dawg, I was over here, I’m lookin’ like, “Aw, shit, man, Jeremy Maclin went down”. Everybody’s all y’know, mad and pissed off, I’m lookin’ like, man, I’m lookin’ like, man, y’know I hope Jeremy Maclin ge-e-et better, but fuck, time for Riley Cooper, that [EXPUNGED]‘s a fuckin’ beast, fuckin’ hog, fuckin’ ballin’ out in the show, I mean, I mean, the [EXPUNGED]‘s a fuckin’ monster, you kno-ow what I’m saying, Riley Cooper, man, that dude, shit. Love him! Now I look like a fuckin’ idiot, man

Now, in personal opinion, there’s a huge difference between the word [EXPUNGED] and [EXPUNGED], okay? Not, not one fuckin’ time. In my videos, have I ever came out and said, “Yo man, fuck dat [EXPUNGED]”. NEVER said dat shit. And I better fuckin’ ke-e-ep my goddamn voice down, there might be some [EXPUNGED] walkin’ do-own the street bout re-ea-dy to fuck me up, man. You know what I’m sayin’? But, um, but yeah, though, man, when I use the word [EXPUNGED], man, I don’t mean it as in a racial fuckin’ slur, you know what I’m sayin’, like, when you throw in an ‘ER on the end of that word, it becomes a racial fuckin’ slur, okay, that’s just the way I fuckin’ feel. Um, but, it’s funny though, cuz all over fuckin’ Twitter and Facebook and shit, I’M lookin’ like a fuckin’ idiot now, Riley Cooper. I hope your motherfuckin’ ass is seein’ this video- I hope to GOD you are seein’ this fuckin’ video, dawg, because now I look like a fuckin’ idiot, okay?

Alright, so it’s a good thing I didn’t buy yo fuckin’ Jersey. Riley Cooper on some real shit. I was really gonna buy yo Jersey, I had my eyes set on it, man. I always thought of you bein’ a low-key fuckin’ beast, okay, fuckin’ monster, fuckin’ hog, fuckin’ ball out of control, okay? But as you guys know man Riley Cooper, he came out and used the word [EXPUNGED], okay? Now, I understand that he was drunk at a fuckin’ redneck concert, [EXPUNGED] was peelin’ back the fuckin’ booze and shit, but, uh, that doesn’t excuse you, good dawg, okay? Now, I will say this, lot of people might, y’know, come out and call me a hypocrite, or a two face, or a ignorant, you know what I’m sayin’, because I use the word [EXPUNGED] in my fuckin’ videos a lot, okay? Now, the way I see it, this is my personal opinion, if you guys think I’m ignorant, or if I’m fuckin’ stupid, or um, I’m a hypocrite, it’s whatever, okay, I mean, I’ve been called worse fuckin’ shit in my life, I really don’t give a fuck, okay?


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I have a friend whose little sister has stage four cancer. and I’m doing everything I can to support her. but she’s being really mean and judgy, and overall really really horrible towards me, and Idk what to do about it. she treats all of our other friends fine but for me. should I tell her that the way she’s treating me is not ok? or should It let it slide. pls help!