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so this is for all the girls on here i have a banquet on sunday and i was wondering if y’all wanted to help me pick out an outfit

AMY I LOVE YOU SMM YOU ARE SO SWEET TO ME, AND TREAT ME SO WELL. I really really really really really really really hope you find someone, well, I know you will. I love how much you've been through and how hard you try, I'm proud of you for just being alive. Ily<3

to val, who thinks it’s funny as a 40 year old woman to go around on an anon account and insult minors, fuck off and go groom some other kids holy fucking shit, no one on here cares about you anymore, and i feel bad for your children.

wtf kind of website is this? nobody is even on. Bunch of fuckin losers. You guys go to bed when your mama tells you to? are you guys 12?