Who will u vote in the next election 2024

did @dagger leave this site and @jake because I need to talk to them whenever there back

Vote BIDEN 2024

Joe Biden is a pedophile but to be honest I endorse that decision

What is a similiarity between priests and doctors?

They both have fetishes for their professions

Like if anons are stupid 7 year old toxic fortnite gamers.

Ayo my name is EDP and i love cupcakes fr fr ong


What did the deaf, blind, mute, and paralyzed baby get for Christmas?


if y'all wanna see my face rev then go in the meme section and look also follow me plz

I am a registered sex offender, I stuck my dick into blender

Your mom is a trangender

And I am a professional nude sender.

We saved 6,000 dollars now I can get sugrey