Bro i feel sooo sorry for her that death was too soon

Here’s a song from shaylies funeral

Lovely perv

Eeek this text update is hurting my eyes

Hello. I’m more often here and I also write some jokes. Regards from Germany. ^^

How is everyone today? :)

Lovely perv

I did not know pillows can be so good

Ayo im back everyone

Why can’t Helen Keller drive?

because she’s a woman.


yo anybody online?

Hello everyone!! i just got out of a bhc (behavioral health center) its basically a mental hospital. well, it was a long ride but im finally back and im doing a lot better now.

hi this is shaylies mom i finaly desided to let ZEPHER know she died in the hospital hear is a son g for you from her


Wtfff my shit be actin up bro i gotta take a shit for the 2nd time today and its 12:42 bro fuckkkk my stomach feels like shittt omg it came liquidy and its gonna make my fuckj ass itch bro fuckkkkkkkkk fuck fuckfuckduckfuck wtf why does it hurt socmuchhh wtf is goi ig onnn FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKK

Biden or Trudeau?