When someone calls you say this, Hi Welcome to Dave’s Orphanage, You make them We take them how may I help you! :)

Why do orphans go to church? Because they can finally call someone father

What type of flour do you buy an orphan? Self raising

Why are orphans bad at poker?

They don’t know what a full house is.

why can’t orphans work at S.C Johnson

Cause it’s a family company

I made a website for orphans, unfortunately it doesn’t have a homepage.

There is an upside to being an orphan… every bag of chips is family size

if you’re ever bored, punch an orphan. what are they gonna do? tell their parents?

Can orphans eat at a family restaurant?

April fools joke go to an orphanage and tell them their parents came back

Me-are you an orphan? Boy-yeah, what gave me away? Me-…ur parents

Why can’t orphans play baseball? They don’t know where home is

Kid: “I wish I could be like Batman!”

Genie: “Wish granted!”

When the kid gets home, both of his parents are dead.

Why can’t orphans go on an away trip? Because they already are on one.

why can’t orphans play online games. Because they don’t have parents to sign them up

Can Orphans go to a Family Restaurant?

why do orphans go to church ? so they have someone to call father.

What do you call an asian kid who’s bad at math?

An orphan

What do u call it when a orphan takes a family photo? a selfie

why do orphans hate going to costco because they need a parent to get samples