Jokes About Pedophiles

in Biden

If I’m racist for voting Trump, then you’re a pedophile for voting Biden.

in Biden

Biden: See you later, alligator!

Alligator: In a while, pedophile.

in Biden

Biden: My girlfriend called me a pedophile. I said, “That’s a pretty big word for a 9 year old”.

Pedo Attack
in Orphan

Why do orphan girls love pedophiles? Because they get to call someone “Daddy”


What do pedophiles call children in wheelchairs?

Meals on Wheels.

Terrible Person ☺
in Orphan

How do people grade pedophiles? 1st grade to 8th (I know it’s orphan jokes but still)

the guy thats smarter than Anonymouse

why do pedophiles come in last place for every race… because they are always un the back ( if you know what i mean) :}

in Shooting

Whats the difference between Michael Jackson and a dead pedophile. Nothing.

Unholy Sins
in Priest

Q: What is the difference between Austin Matthews and a priest

A: One looks like a pedophile and one is a pedophile

Predator Poachers

PEDOPHILE eatdatpussy445 is fishing for cupcakes on his website

He invaded don’t let him message your children!

Predator Poachers
in EDP

EatDatPussy445 aka Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason aka Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland is a pedophile and he is in Las Vegas right now GOGOGO catch him

in Crime

How do pedophiles get kids to suck there d**k? They spray paint it like candy 🍬

in Dark Humor

My girlfriend keeps calling me a pedophile. That’s a big word for a six year old.

in Dark Humor

What’s a Pedophiles Favorite type of garden

A KinderGarden

in Dark Humor

what do pedophiles and Xboxs have in common?

They both get turned on by kids