What is the difference in having a granny fetish and necrophilia? A few weeks.

(A man is walking on a bridge and sees a lady over the railing)

Man: Ah… suicidal eh? Are you gonna jump? Lady: Yep. I hate this world. Man: Well, if your gonna die, can we have sex before you jump? Lady: Hell no! You creep! Man: Ok, fine. I guess I’ll just wait until your corpse washes onto the shore…

is necrophilia considered cracking open a cold one?

Necrophilia in Alabama is fun for the whole family even grandma.

Digging stuff up is too hard

Guess Necrophilia isn’t for everybody

whats the difference between a chocolate cake and a dead baby?

About 5000 calories

How did the necrophiliac get caught? Some rotten cunt split on him…

what does a necrophiliac get at a wedding? mourning wood

Place a man in a morgue, he’ll try to leave.

Place a doctor in a morgue, he’ll go to work.

Place a necrophiliac in a morgue, he’ll stay happy for a week.

What is a necrophiliac’s favorite candy? A Hearsey’s Kiss

Q: What’s the difference between a grandma fetish, and necrophilia. A: a few weeks.