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What is the most noise that comes out of a ladies mouth? Nothing because they never have anything important to say.

They are making new versions of the Star Wars films. The names have only just come out. There is Star wars Attack of the Trannies, Star Wars The Trannie Awakens, Star Wars Rogue Trannie, Star Wars The LGBTQ Strikes Back and then there is Star Wars The Last Striaght Man.

Today is Good Friday, so there will be no meat for us to eat. Instead we have to do what lesbians do and eat fish.

Why does Darth Vader always choke people? Because he wants them to feel what his Sith Lord does to him in bed.

Why does the Jedi never join the darkside? If they did then they would lose the opportunity to molest young padawans.

Everytime a Light Saber goes off, it's just a Jedi Master getting hard over a kid. Lol

Did you know that they are making a movie about the four boys who lost there lives on the ice? There calling the movie The Lost Boys.

Yes the Queen has died today, can the people of the world please finally tell Harry to stop cross dressing as her.