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Suicide is illegal because it’s a crime to destroy government property.

EU Delegate: “Sir, your country has the highest corruption and crime rate out of any other member nations. What do you have to say?”

Ambassador: tries slipping the delegate 40 Euros “You didn’t see any statistics.”

What’s the only victimless crime you can commit? Murder, cause there’s a victimless!

Why did the person go to jail?

He committed a crime.

Riddle: A man killed his wife in his car with a knife in his car and know one could see him. He threw the body out the car and thew the knife off a cliff. When he got home, the cops called the man and told him his wife is dead and to come to the sene of the crime. The man agreed and rushed to the scene. When he got there, the cops amediently arrested him. Why? ANSWER: The cops never said qhere the sene of the crime is.

Why did the skeleton run away from the crime scene? He didnt have the guts to see it.

How do we know the Ancient Egyptians were into organized crime? They were always using pyramid schemes!!

what did pepper say to spray hey spray im pepper and i think we should fight crime!!!