When someone calls you say this, Hi Welcome to Dave’s Orphanage, You make them We take them how may I help you! :)

A girl and dog get dropped off at an orphanage why was she crying before she went in Because the people came back for their dog

last night i burned down an orphanage there was one survivor who said i would regret it i said “what are you gonna do, tell your parents?”

Well I’m off too the orphanage to tell yo mama jokes

Dad: I’m giving all your toys to the orphanage Kid: Why are you doing that?

Dad: So you won’t get bored there

What did the priest say to the other in the orphanage?

“Let us prey together.”

Do want to know why they call it an orphanage? Cause they couldn’t call it orphans home

April fools joke go to an orphanage and tell them their parents came back

Hi, Welcome to Dave’s Orphanage you make them we take them how may I help you?

Did you know the letter F in orphan stands for family?

It’s April fools day. I’m gonna go to the orphanage and tell kids their parents are here to pick them up.

April Fools Joke: Go to a orphanage and say your parents came back.

Why does sally have a 100 sisters? She lives in a orphanage

Why are orphanages like dogs Because they get adopted

Welcome to daves orphanage. You make it We take it

You know those paper families you cut out? Well I put one of those in an orphanage.

Q: Why did the Orphan get an IPhone X for their birthday?

A: Cause it don’t have a home button

I made a website that helps orphans sadly, it doesn’t have a homepage

Well im off to the orphanage to tell yo mama jokes

Remember kids, when you’re angry, burn down an orphanage. Then they’ll really be living the hard knock life.