If Uranus is so gross, Why do they take HD photos of it?

I can see uranus from here and its mighty gassy!

Uranus is up in the sky today

uranus has 27 moons

Uranus is huge

The winds of Uranus go on and off so you could say the wind is broken.

Oh baby there’s about to be 7 planets because in gonna destroy Uranus

Uranus is a gassy planet

I want to do uranus (tounge emoji) (wet emoji)

uranus is a gas giant

uranus is blue

uranus spins on it’s side

uranus floats around in space

Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781, 200 years before you were born. How did he do that??

What do you call a planet that poops-- Uranus

How do you measure the circ..ference of Uranus? By the rings around it

Uranus is blue from lack of service.

You’re so fat astronomers discovered a planet larger than earth but smaller than Uranus

baby heres my anus baby 2 wheres my anus

doin ya mom oh yeah oh yeah doin doin ya mom

Why is Uranus so big? Bc you discovered it

I sucked your moms anis

I lost all faith in humanity I am moving to uranus its really big I might get lost