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What’s a Pedophiles Favorite type of garden

A kindergarden

Why was the guitar teacher arrested? For fingering a minor.

What is a priests favorite song –Magic flute in A minor

Why was the guitar teacher arrested?

For fingering a minor.

Q: how can you tell that a pedophile likes music?

A: He rapes D minor

why did the guitar teacher get arrested? he fingered minor.

What’s a rapist’s favourite scale? C Minor.

what is a pedophiles favorite song?

Jerking off in A minor.

What is a paedophile’s favourite symphony?

Amadeus Mozart’s special flute in A minor.

Why did the guitarist go to prison? Cause he fingered A minor

Why was Mozart a child prodigy?

All his early pieces were in A sharp minor.

What’s the best part about haveing sex with 28 year olds? There are 20 of them

Why did the guitar teacher get arrested? He fingered A minor(get it, like the chord A minor)

Lorne Armstrong

You know chords right? Well You know what I love to do? To play with A-minor. You know, feel your fingers on A-minor. Gives you a sence of power, to just F A-minor.

But thats not my favorite thing to fiddle with. That would be the D of minors. It’s Just solid, you know. If you’re clever you can have the D of minors into the C of minors. Or though a bit tricky the D of minors ito the B og minors.

And at this point you’ve gotten the point and if i want to continue it would be a bit of a stetch

Why does God hate me? Because im a gay minority who fights for womens rights