Fart Jokes


Gary and Steve are having sex and the phone rings. Steve goes to answer the phone and tells Gary, “Hey, Don’t finish yourself until I get back.” After returning from the other room, there is cum all over the bed and wall of the bedroom. “Jesus, Gary, I said not to finish yourself until I got back!” Gary turns to him and says, “I didn’t, I farted.”

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Why did the brother cross the road? Because The Sister Farted.


Some guy farts and says “That was some asshole behind me”.


What’s the difference between a gay and a freezer? – The freezer doesn’t fart when you pull the meat out.

turd boi420
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Why was the fart on Kickstarter? He just needed some gas.

Logan Ladue
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Why do women fart when they pee to blow dry

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Why are ninjas farts so dangerous because there silent and deadly

But she hasn’t tried the position with her new boyfriend. So she invites him to a romantic dinner. After dinner, she tells her boyfriend about her desire for it. But her boyfriend was clueless about such acts. So she tell him to strip naked on the couch and lay on top of him naked in the 69 positions. She starts sucking him off and starts waiting for him to do the same. But the bf didn’t know what to do, so he just lay there. Suddenly the girl had an urge to fart, but hold it in because her asshole was right near his bf face. Suddenly she loses control, and lets one out. She apologizes profusely and continues sucking him. A couple of minutes later, she feels the urge again and lets another fart rip near his face. The BF throws the girl from the couch, gets up, and says

“Bitch if you think I’ll be lying here for 67 more of those, you’re fucking crazy.”

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What did the poo say to the fart: You blow me away

yo mama so stupid that she farted on yo face for no reseed

What do you call a rare fart in Egypt? A toot uncommon!


Why should you never fart in an Apple store? Because they have no Windows!



Soup cool
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Yo mama so fat I bet that her fart can clear a room in seconds

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yo mama so old when she farts dust comes out


me,’’ i came home laughing’‘ parents,’’ what’s wrong’‘ me,’‘the teacher asked everyone a question luckily i was the only one who had known’‘ parents,’’ good for you johnny what was the fantastic question your teacher had gave everyone and only knew’‘ me,’’ well its kinda complicated but here it goes’‘ parents,’‘what is it’‘ me,’‘WHO FARTED.’’

Christopher Nowak BFA
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What do doctors say to patients who blow wind backwards? DON’T PUT THE FART BEFORE THE FORCE!!


What is the difference between a gay man and a refrigerator?

A refrigerator doesn’t fart when you pull the meat out.


What’s the difference between an asshole and a freezer?

The freezer doesn’t fart when you pull the meat out