Fart Jokes

Airplane classic
in Class

Have any of you guys heard the classic airplane jokes? here’s a good example…

A farmer, a doctor, and a terrorist are on a plane. An engine fails, and they are going to crash, so the pilot asks everyone to throw out some items. The farmer threw out his apple harvest, the doctor threw out medical supplies, and the terrorist, (not needing a bomb apperently) through out his briefcase of bombs. They still crashed, and they started walking to the nearest town. They passed a boy who was running. “why are you running?” "My dad got hit by a shiny red object and now he’s bleeding!" They three of them decide it’s best to keep quiet, and continue. They then passed a crying girl, who said that her brother had been killed by a scalpel from heaven. They said nothing and continued. Finally, they see a boy laughing so much he is in tears. They ask him, “What’s so funny?” “Grandma farted and the house blew up!”


What are two things you could call a fart?

Gass from the ass or oter from the motor!


I told a blonde she needed gas for her car and she farted into the gas tank.


Yo mama such a milf she deserves a tongue punch in the fart box

yo mamma so old that when she farts we have to dust again

Kyle k

What’s the difference between a gay guy and an oven??

An oven doesn’t fart when you take your meat out.

Obama gaming vs sonic with a gun

Art more like fart hahahahhahahahahahhah


a girl and a boy were on a date, the boy kept farting. the girl asked, What Is Wrong?!?!the boy replied, “explosive diareah.” the girl said ew.

The boy went to the bathroom, and the place exploded. the center of the explosion, the bathroom.


How are a gay guy and a refrigerator different? When you pull the meat out of the refrigerator, it doesn’t fart.

in Teacher

Roses are red, I like girls from the south, a 425-pound teacher gets suspended after sitting on a kids head and farting in his mouth.

in Orphan

i farted how bout u /

in School

Teacher: calls you up to the board. You: Ok. Gets intense boner has to fart really bad You: f***!!!


Why did the butt let out a fart A: to wipe out humanity



You smell like you farted FARTED harded HARDED A B Honor Roll. all Fs you r*tarded. OHHHH

in Sea

what do you get when a dinosaur farts a blast from the past

Anonymous robot
in Adult

what do you get when the queen fart a noble gas… what do you get when a dino farts a blast from the past… why are ninja farts so dangerous they are silent but deadly L O

in Jackson

Michael doesn’t fart Jackson Does


You smell like you farted (FARTED) harded (HARDED) A, B, Honor Roll all F’s you retarded (re-OHHHHH)