Any joke can be funny with the right delivery. Except Abortion jokes, because there is no delivery.

What’s the best thing about abortion jokes?

They never get old.

So a daughter asks her father “dad what is you opinion on abortions?” So her father says why don’t you ask your sister. The daughter responds “but I don’t have a sister… Oh”

Why can’t you fool an aborted fetus? Because it wasn’t born yesterday

abortion, it really brings out the kid in you

Welcome to the abortion clinic. You make em, we scrape em. No fetus can beat us.

All jokes are funny with the correct delivery . Except for abortion jokes, there is no delivery.

Mama Mia’s pizzeria and abortion clinic. Your loss is our sauce.

I was going to tell a joke about babys but i decided to abort

Ring ring Abortion clinic! Where no fetus can beat us

What is the Harry Potter spell that aborts babies?

Fetus Deletus!

What’s the difference between 911 and a abortion?

With 911 there was a victim to tell the tale.


What’s the best part of working at an abortion clinic?

Free dog food.

Why are orphans so bad at baseball?

They can never make it home

My pregnate wife said we were gonna name the kid digorno. She wouldn’t tell me why until she got an abortion and told me its not delivery its digiorno.

Q:Do you know why people dont like abortion jokes? A: Because they leave people with a feeling of emptyness inside.

Girl: How do you feel about abortion? Dad: Ask your sister Girl: I don’t have a …

Nurse: Don’t worry i’m great with babies. Parents: You are? Nurse: Yea, i always abort them. Parent:… Parent: Your hired

What’s worse than locking your keyes in the car in front of an abortion clinic?

Having to go back inside and ask to borrow a hanger.