Why did Hitler commit suicide? He saw the gas bill.

One time Chuck Norris peed in the gas tank of a semi truck as a practical joke. That truck is now known as Optimus Prime.

Did you know that Germany came up with sparkling water

Who else would think of adding gas

The average human male walks for five miles, but the gas station is ten miles away. So why does it take fifteen years for my dad to buy cigarettes?

Hitler wanted a glass of juice, not gas the Jews

Why did the noble gas cry?

Because all his friends Argon.

Why didn’t anyone react when the king farted? – It was a noble gas.

a boss comes in and accidentally farts he says “a little gas never killed anyone!” the jewish man then left in tears

What’s the German word for hotbox?

The gas chamber

The othe day I was at a synagogue and I farted really loud. Everyone looked at me and I said,“What, a little gas never killed anyo-woops”

If a king farts, is it a noble gas?

the gas prices are going up that even Hitler is killing himself

How do you get a Japanese fanclub?

Walk around with a bundle of gas masks!

Who invented carbonated water?

The Germans, nobody else would think of adding gas!

uranus is a gas giant

What do you get when you eat a hamburger 🍔😋? Mustard gas.

So we were working with a new client at work and my boss farts, he said "a little gas never killed anyone

What did the turtle do when he ran out of gas?

He went to the Shell station.

Chinese takeout $15 . 00 gas to get there $1.50 . Getting home to find they,very forgotten one of your dishes RICELESS

My mom said the happier a person is when sick the sooner they get better.

So I went to the hospital hooked up everyone’s breathing masks to laughing gas.