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What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms? One’s a Goodyear. The other’s a great year.

Condoms? HA! Those are for pussies!

Why did they invent glow in the dark condoms So gay guys can play star wars

A condom and bungee jumping are exactly alike, if the rubber breaks, your f**ked.

so two condoms walk by a gay bar, what does one condom say to the other, “hey, wanna get ‘shit-faced?’”

My dad posted a picture of his condom challenge fail to his social media - it was a picture of me.

“Son, I found a condom in your room.”

“Gee, thanks, Grandpa!”

“Why are you calling me Grandpa?”

“Because I couldn’t find it yesterday.”

How is a woman like a condom?

Both spend more time in your wallet than on your dick.

Man looks at his friend and says "if you and a friend go camping and you two get really drunk and in the morning you wake up with a condom in your butt would you tell anyone? " The friend says im a disgusted tone “No” So the man says “ok let’s go camping”

What did the condom say when he came out of a gay guys asshole?

He said “F... this shit!”

A man boards a plane with six children of various ages.

After the plane takes off, a woman sitting sitting behind the man asks him, “are all of them yours?”

“No,” the man responds. “I work for a condom company and these are some of the customer complaints.”

The doctor says “your wife is PREGNENT” the man says that he used a condom and the doctor says "ya but I didn’t

Santa and Bill Cosby’s favorite quote " don’t be dumb make sure they’re numb and always use a condom!"

What’s the difference between women and condoms ?

There isn’t a difference they’re both throw aways.

Break a wine glass: I give you bad luck for a year. Break a mirror: Funny wine glass, i give you bad luck for 7 years. Breaking a condom: Haha so funny mirror.

Seat belts are like the condom for cars.

Hogwarts is making a new condom. It’s called feetus deletus

Why did the murder invest in condoms?To kill the future buyers!

What’s the best part of not wearing a condom when I’m with my girlfriend? My mom went through menopause.

what do you call a wet condom

a wet condom