Condoms? HA! Those are for pussies!

so two condoms walk by a gay bar, what does one condom say to the other, “hey, wanna get ‘shit-faced?’”

Why did they invent glow in the dark condoms So gay guys can play star wars

My dad posted a picture of his condom challenge fail to his social media - it was a picture of me.

“Son, I found a condom in your room.”

“Gee, thanks, Grandpa!”

“Why are you calling me Grandpa?”

“Because I couldn’t find it yesterday.”

What’s the difference between women and condoms ?

There isn’t a difference they’re both throw aways.

Break a wine glass: I give you bad luck for a year. Break a mirror: Funny wine glass, i give you bad luck for 7 years. Breaking a condom: Haha so funny mirror.

What did the condom say when he came out of a gay guys asshole?

He said “F... this shit!”

Man looks at his friend and says "if you and a friend go camping and you two get really drunk and in the morning you wake up with a condom in your butt would you tell anyone? " The friend says im a disgusted tone “No” So the man says “ok let’s go camping”

Seat belts are like the condom for cars.

A condom and bungee jumping are exactly alike, if the rubber breaks, your f**ked.

Why did the murder invest in condoms?To kill the future buyers!

Hogwarts is making a new condom. It’s called feetus deletus

What’s the best part of not wearing a condom when I’m with my girlfriend? My mom went through menopause.

Condoms are for p....s

whats worse than funny condom fails?

Jake Paul

Why does the environmentalist pimp have his hoes f... bareback?

He wants to keep condoms out of landfills.

What do you call a fat bitch that eats cum from used condoms??? Your mom!!!

I don’t like condoms but I like gay pregnant X

What present can a pimp always buy his hoes to both show how much he thinks of them and know they can never get enough of?


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