Where do cows keep their historical cultural artifacts? – In the mooseum.

What do you call a cow that doesn’t produce any milk? An udder failure.

What do you get when you stuff some cows into a food container? A can 'o bull

What do you call a cow with no legs?

It’s still called a “Cow.”

What did the indian say to the cow?

I lowe you, moo than anything

What do cows like to watch? Moovies.

Where do you find a cow with no legs? right where you left it!!!

whats a cows favrite thing q:a mooooovie

Why does a cow love music Because it can play a moo- sical instruments

what do you call a cow with no legs


What did the cow say to the cheese? I am your father

What do you call a cow that’s laying down? Ground Beef

Why do cows have hooves? Because they lactose!

What collage do cows go to?- The Mooniversity

What time is it when a cow sits on your fence? Time to get a new fence!

What is a cow’s favorite water sport?


My sister has cows and after 4 months she said the was a miss steak.

How does a cow do math? With a cow-culator

What was the first animal in space?

The cow that jumped over the moon!

What happens if you sit under a cow You get a pat an the head

2 cows in a field. One says to the other, 'mooooooooo’ The other says, ‘Tut, I was gonna say that’