Pig Jokes

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Teacher:Kids what does a chicken give you

Students: Eggs

Teacher: Very good now what does the pig give you

Kids: Bacon

Teacher: Excellent now what does the fat cow give you

Kids: Homework

Daniel King

Why shouldn’t you play basketball 🏀 with a pig 🐷?

Because he’s a ball hog.

The Special

Why did God make pigs before politicians?

He just needed some practice

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Why did the farmer name his pig ink? Because he kept on running out of the pen.

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What’s the difference between a politician and a flying pig? – The letter F.

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What do you call a dwarf police officer?

A guinea pig


Teacher:what does the pig give us Student: bacon Teacher: very good how about the chicken? Student: meat Teacher: good, now what would a fat cow give you? Student: homework


what do you call a pig that does karate


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What do you call a pig with no legs?

A groundhog.

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What is a pig cross pineapple. A porkypine!

the big mom
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what did the cow say to the fat pig? moooooooove over

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What do you say when you see a pig making bread?

He’s bacon.

Daniel King
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What is a pig’s 🐷 favorite pie 🥧 ?

Mississippi Mud.


What body part do pigs have that humans don’t have? A hambone.

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What did the butcher say to the pig?

Nice to meat you

Evie 🥰🥰
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So in class they were learning about where food comes from: Teacher- so kids where does bacon come from? Student- PIGS Teacher- correct where does mutton come from? Student- SHEEP teacher- and finally here’s your homework- student- IK where that comes from! A FAT COW! 😂😂

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Whats the difference between a cow and a pig,

One is a pig

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Teacher:what does a pig give you Little Johnny:Bacon Teacher:good,what does the sheep give you Little Johnny:Wool Teacher:What does the fat cow give you Little Johnny:homework and says leave motherf*cker

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Beth was from Spain and she had a pig what did they call her (Beth)-(la)-(ham)


teacher: ‘‘kids what does the chicken give you’’?.

students: ‘‘meat’’.

teacher: ‘‘very good now what does the pig give you’’?

students: ‘‘bacon’’.

teacher: ‘‘and finally what does the fat cow give you’’?

one of the students: ‘‘homework’’!