What did the cow say to the sheep? “Moo!” What did the sheep say to the cow “That was a bad joke!”

Déjà Moo: The feeling you’ve heard this bull before

Where do cows go on holiday? – Moo Zealand.

Two horses are standing in a field. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” says the first.

“Moo!” says the second.

What is a cow’s favorite party game? Moo-sical chairs!

How do cows laugh? Moo-haha

What did the cow say when it saw the farmer twice in one day? – “Deja moo!”

Bad cows, bad cows, whatcha gonna moo?!

What is a cow’s favorite drink?

Mountain Moo!

What is a cow’s favorite water sport?


What did the indian say to the cow?

I lowe you, moo than anything

What did the cow tell an indian?


Déjà Moo. the feeling that you’ve heard this Bull before.

What is a cows favorite water sport?


why did the cow steal a AK-47? He was a mooslim

[1]: Knock knock

[2]: Who’s there?

[1]: Interrupting Cow

[2]: Interrupting Co- ( [1]: MOO!

What do you call J Cow’s new hit? Deja Moo!

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