Number Jokes

Wilklord 666

What was Hitler’s lucky number? Nein

Big Shaq

2 + 2 is 4, minus one that’s 3 quick maths.


why did the big rose say to the little rose. Hy bud.

in Wife

Husband: Hay honey words can’t describe how beautiful you are. Wife: aww thanks Husband:But numbers can 0 out of 10

in Cop

The Women saw a Cute lookin cop she Had pulled up right Next to him and said “Hey can i get your number” He said yea it’s “911”. And drove of

in Cereal

I asked my friend what their serial number was…he said Cheerios


Why is there no phone in China

To many wings to many wongs might wing wong number

worst jokes ever

The worst joke ever Why was 6 afraid of 7 because 7 8 9 Why was 9 thankful to 6 because 6 8 7 2

Your mama so white that he first number was 911


Why is 3 such a helpful number? Because 3 helped out on a science project 4 5!


I give you 31 because we will do the 69 later thanks

in Die

II harvested indigo to make dye. I made the dye. I made a number dye. I dyed the dye I rolled the dye. It made me die.


Why don’t asians use phones?

Cuz they wing da wong number!!!

Scarlet Witch

What’s the emergency number Jimmy, u? Jimmy:9/11!


Patient number 14 was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma—a type of skin cancer. Pretty ironic how he travels. He went to terminal 14.

Adam Jordan
in 911

There was a person inside, who needed help from the police, but the police changed their number,
so he ordered a party with pizzas from 2 airplanes, but the pilots were stupid so they put in people instead of pizzas, and one landed on the 93rd floor, and the 94th floor, literally.


I’m afraid for my gay calendar. Its days are numbered!

Leave a life if you LOL at this joke!


Girls are like numbers squared. If they’re under 13 just do em in your head