What is a Bio?Are we in Biology-Lessons?

,,Hey,What does IDK mean?" ,,I dont know" ,,Okay,then i am going to ask someone else"

8 year old me holding a Stick and seeing a random person:

A Karen is so stupid,she cant even cross the Hairline

I have been charged,cause i roasted a Kid at a Barbeque.

When the Lego set says 9-12Years but you finish it in 1 hour

I wanted to make a Joke about Clocks,but i got no Time for that.

Everybody asks "Whats up" but nobody asks "Whats down"

POV:Your Reaction,that you finally can upload Memes on this Website

Which dog is owned by a Kid called ,,Charlie Brown",raps and smokes?

Snoopy Dog

Whats the Diffrence between School and Hell?

There is no diffrence.

What is Marios Favorite Website? -Yahoo