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I was going to buy a pocket calculator. But then I thought, who cares how many pockets I have.

How do trees calculate square roots. They use log-arithms.

How do you say goodbye to a calculus teacher?


Here’s a trick I learned to do on the calculator

Sally had 69 boobs (69) which was too too too many (69222) so she went to the the doctor on 51st street (6922251) and he said to take a certain pill 8 times a day (6922251 times 8), which left her (flip your calculator over)


59009 filp it backwards on ur calculator…it =…boobs!

Little Jimmy has 5 red apples. His dad’s car will arrive in 20 minutes. Calculate the mass of the Sun

666 + 420 + 911 + 21 = ?

Do it in calculator

timmy has 5 apples,

his train is 7 minutes early

calculate the mass of the sun