My bro said food was cool. So I threw a piece of cool chicken at him. For some reason he hit me, OOF.

have you ate at the restaurant at the Moon its got good food but no atmosphere.

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?

Don’t worry nether have they.

Whats damos favourite food? Big slongs

I’s so poor that I had to rob a food bank for a loaf of bread.

whats your mums favourite food?

chicken nuggets hAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

What do you say after you go out for middle eastern food? I falafel (feel awful)

There was a dog in the middle of the room so i called it and started to play fetch, then my mother shouted at me for playing with my food. I missed it but it was tasty

What is Beyonce’s favorite fast food chain? dairy QUEEEEEEENNNN!

A Boy asked his Dad : « Why didn’t you make love with my mom daddy ? » Dad : « Because I’m gay »

Son started making out with his daddy and sucking his daddy’s big peepee

Son : « W- Wait a minute… So how did i exist if you didn’t make love with my mom if you’re not straight ? » Dad : « Because you are not real and i didn’t even have a wife »

The Son Waked Up from his horrible nightmare And He looked so scared, he did leave his bed to check out his dad but he didn’t find his dad, until his dad entered the house and he said to his son : « Why you did look so worried I’m just bringing some food for breakfast » Son : « Well but why your hands is full of cum ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) » Dad : « Because i did it with you last night i did you forgot … » Son : « But it was a nightmare … »

Dad turns into a monster

Dad : « I’m your nightmare »

The Son waked up and he seemed too scared and he found himself beside his dad torturing him after he discovered he’s gay.

The Son with himself: « Wake up btch wake up btch !!! »


what’s an old man’s favourite food

wrinkled onions