Have you ever had Ethiopian food??

Niether have they.

My son asked me “ what is angel cake made of?” I reply by listing the ingredients in mr Kipling angel cakes, Then he shouts “STOP” I stop as I reach food colourings he slowly crawls towards me and says in a whisper “well in my angel cake I put angels in them” I freaked out about this so I calmed down and asked who did you put in this angel cake he said”grandma the one who died last Saturday”

What’s steven hawkings fav food WiFi chips or his shoulder

whats a orphans fav food, nothing they cant afford it

[god creating Asians] “aliright and the design is finished, see our new model the Asian. It has no hair at all”. Angel asks “does it eat normal food”?, god replies, “ (chuckling) oh no not at all.

What makes a bird fly?

Bird food! LAUGH

I ask my sister why does the Chinese owner brings us free food all the time. My siister said to me I love him long time.

The Chinese food owner always brings us free food. I ask my sister why does he does that my sister said Iove him long time.

Three friends were stuck in the desert they were struggling and trying to find food when. A they found a magical lamp the rubbed it and out came a genie and genie says “each of you friends get to have one wish” so the first friend said I wish to go home same as the second one the third friend said " I’m lonely I wish my friends were with me"

1 Q) What shampoo and conditioner did Stephen use? A) Head and Sholders 2 Q) what’s Stephens favourite food? A) Sholders For real tho RIP Stephen Hawking 💕

What is you main food Me:pizza cause i’m cheesy Friend: Chocolate chips cause i have a lot of friends Girlfriend: donut cause i have a lot of cream

Someone said to me they like greasy food with gravy I said no wonder your foreheads so greasy

There once was a Mexican named Quan. He never talked about Dose. What happened to Dose? Quan and Treis raped him. Once Quattro came out, they killed him. They were too poor to afford food so they ended up eating Dose and Quattro.

What does Stephen Hawking have for food?

have you ate at the restaurant at the Moon its got good food but no atmosphere.

What do you call a weak, beta, tall and dumb kid, A banana. But if youre vegan you call him food. If youre poor you eat the skin.

once i ate a table… it was food consuming

My bro said food was cool. So I threw a piece of cool chicken at him. For some reason he hit me, OOF.

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?

Don’t worry nether have they.

Whats damos favourite food? Big slongs