What do cannibals eat to freshen their breath?

Men toes.

When the cannibal was late for dinner, he got the cold shoulder.

What is a cannibal’s favorite restaurant?

Five Guys.

Two cannibals have just captured a man and are about to eat him, so they cook him and lay him on a table. the first cannibal says “you start at the bottom I start at the top” so they both chow down. about half an hour later, the second cannibal says “i’m having a ball” then than the the first cannibal says “than you’re eating too fast”

What does a cannibal call a wheelchair user? – Meals on wheels.

What’s the definition of trust?

Two cannibals giving each other blowjobs.

There was a cannibal who had a wife and (eight) kids.

What’s the hardest part of a vegetable to eat? – The wheelchair.

Cannibal (n.) Someone who is fed up with people.

A missionary was caught by cannibals. we was tied up and thrown into a big pot. The cannibals were chopping up vegetables and throwing them into the pot with the missionary. When they lit the fire under the pot, the missionary said, “You can’t stew me. I’m a friar.”

People are like potatoes.

We may look different, but we all taste the same with a little ketchup.

Three guys are stranded with cannibals on an island. The cannibals said “Each one of you come back with 10 pieces of fruit and shove them up your butt showing no emotion”. The first guy came back with 10 apples and by the second one he started to grunt so he was killed and eaten. The second one came back with cherries and when he went to put the 10th one in he started to laugh so he was killed and eaten. The two guys met in heaven and the first guy said" dude you were so close what happened?" The second one said" I would have made it but I saw the third guy come back with 10 pineapples!!"😝😝🤣🤣

Cannibal eats missionary, gets a taste for religion

What do you call a knight in a cannibal village? – Canned food.

Q:What did the cannibal say to the leper?

A:You gonna eat that?

What does a cannibal call a pregnant person?

A kinder surprise

What does the cannibal get after a one night stand? Breakfast in bed!

What’s a cannibals favourite takeaway shop

The orphanage

What did the cannibal get when he showed up to the party late??

A cold shoulder

What 3 words started Jeffery Dahmer’s cannibalism?

This isn’t ketchup