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My cow just wandered into a field of marijuana. The steaks have never been so high…

a man walks into a bar, and notices a steak hanging from the ceiling. when he asks the bartender about it, the bartender says “If you can jump up and hit it, drinks are on the house for the night, but if you miss, everyone’s drinks are on your tab for the next two hours. Do you want to try?” the man decided not to take the risk. he thought the steaks where too high.

What do you call an idiotic cow

A mis-steak!

What do you call a steak that tastes bad? A MISsteak

i like my women like i like my steak… bloody

Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.

A couple of cows were smoking a joint and playing cards… The steaks were pretty high

How do you eat a meat?

  • you steak it in your mouth

My kitchen was rearranged today. The tables have turned and the steaks are higher.

What do you do when you made a misteak? You do some yoga 🧘‍♀️ and say namaaa steak.

What do you call a cow grazing a field with 50% grass and 50% weed?

High steaks gambling.

A man walks into a bar and sees a piece of steak on the ceiling. The cashier says “If you can grab it, your meal’s free.”. The man then said “Nah, the stakes are too high.”.

Someone asked me, how would you like your steak cooked? I said, on a stove!!!

hey whats up

My sister has cows and after 4 months she said the was a miss steak.

How does a butcher keep his tent up in the wind? Steaks.