What do you call a mushroom 🍄 with many friends?

A fungi.

Friened says, "your so drunk last night, u throu a mushroom at a migit and said grow mario grow.

Why does Ms. Mushroom 🍄 go out with Mr. Mushroom 🍄?

Because he’s a fungi.

Why does the mushroom 🍄 have many friends? Because it’s a fungi.

A mushroom walked into a pub. He asked the bartender to give him a beer. The bartender said, "I can’t, you’ll get too rowdy." The mushroom then said, “Oh come on! When I drink, I’m a fun guy!”

What do you call a mushroom that makes music? - a decomposer

Why did the Mushroom get invited to so many parties? He was a fungi

so a mushroom walks in a bar and the waiter says “you cant be here”

and the mushroom says “why i’m a Fungi”

Why am I gay

Because I like. Mushrooms

Why did the mushroom get a new house Because there wasn’t mushroom

WHY did the the mushroom go to the party??

bcause he was a fun person!!

Why did Karen leave me

Because I was a mushroom

Where did the mushroom kill himself

In the mushroom

Goats are like mushrooms. If you shoot a cat, I’m scared of toasters.

What is the smallest room in the world? A mushroom.

What is a room you can not enter?

A mushroom.

Why did the mushroom kill himself

Because he had a mushy life

My peepee small


What’s the difference between a mushroom and a tree? Ones a fucking tree.