wht do you call stephen hawking on fire? hot wheels!!!

I like fire trucks and moster trucks

I’m running out of degrees? I guess I better throw myself in fire to raise my internal temperature (measured in degrees).

2 sticks only make a fire

One time there was a happy lil girl then one day her teacher asked how many legs and arms do a pineapple have she said girl: You know those pokey things on it thats how many Teacher says: Thats dumb they have zero. then the next day the girl set a fire in her house and then she burned her legs and arms then she survived went to school then the teacher said i heard your house went on fire and btw you know you don´t have no arms or legs right the girl said OK then the question the teacher asked yesterday asked the girl again she said what do u call a girl with no legs or arms? the teacher said ANSWER MY QUESTION the girl said OK OK the girl said 13 the teacher said PINEAPPLES DO NOT EVEN HAVE LEGS Then the teacher had to calm down then the teacher said to the girl ask a question whatever u want then the girl said ok and im sorry teacher teacher said its ok i need a break the girl said what do u call a girl without legs or arms someone from the class her name was nia she said a worm she said NO!!! the teacher said CALM DOWN JUST TELL US WHAT the girl said OK then the girl said it…And yall who is reading my story guess what the answer is before i tell u and btw the girls name is sunny back to story…she said the answer is A PINEAPPLE then when the teacher was calm she told her to sit down then the teacher read a story The Three Little pigs then the girl went home she got a new house then lived happily ever after

What do you call Stephen hawkings on fire?HOT WHEELS WELL SEE HIM SOON

I live next to a kindergarten and yesterday they had a fire drill. It was kinda weird because normally it’s me who has a drill around little children.

im a teacher at a highschool but i got fired they told me i didnt do any work even though i always did a skele-ton

What do you get when you light stephen hawking on fire. A fried pc

Apex Legends: exist Titanfall fandom: (Literally on fire and at war with its self) “Everything is fine.”

whats stephan hawkings called on fire


Alicia was not a popular girl. None of the guys noticed her. Once she got a boyfriend, but then he cheated on her with Katy and said, "You’re not sexy enough, Katy is much hotter." So Alicia took a match, set herself on fire, and screamed, "THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!" And then she died.

My uncle got really badly burned the other day. They don’t fuck around at the crematorium.

“so I was at high school one day in the bathrooms and I’m circumcised and the kid next to me wasn’t so he showed me his pp and he had a foreskin so I was just playing with it until the teacher walked in, then I got fired…”

Kobe was on fire before his death. He was on fire after too.

one day there were these 3 cow boys sitting next to a fire and they were telling each other about their adventures well the first cow boy said i tangled with a bull that killed 6 people so i wrestled that son of a bitch to the ground with my bare hands the second cow boy said that’s nothing yesterday i was walking on a trale and came across a rattler so i picked it up ,bit its head off and drank all his venom in one gulp the third cow boy remained quiet stering the embers of the fire with his penis

You work at papa’s pizzaria ok?

Boss: your fired! Me: ok? Worker: Why are you fired? Me: oh you wanna know… shows him the oven with my pizza Me: I left my pizza in the oven that bitch burnt as fuck!! Worker: OH SHIT!! Boss: did you say pizza? Me: i sure did! shows boss pizza in oven Me: this hoe black as fuck! Boss: i fired you because i count stop looking at your ass not this why?

Person 1: Hey did you here about the circus fire? Person 2: No. Person 1: it was in-tents

A fire broke out at the circus, it was intense.

what do you call Stephen hawkings on fire? [answer] hot wheeles