Campfire Jokes

These two cannibals are sitting by the campfire having dinner. One says " I can't stand my mother in law". The other says " so , just eat the potatoes".

The Bigfoots had a campfire one Bigfoot Asked what sould we roast next the other Repiled maybe a penis and a girl 👩🏻

This isn’t much of a joke but pickup line ok it’s this. Are you a marshmallow because I wanna put my stick in u

Your so much like a marshmallow, your so squishy and sticky and everyone puts their sticks inside of u

“Grandma, tell me a story!” I said as we huddled near the campfire “Alright,” She said “Once, there was a tree named Timmy, he was my best tree friend. I used to read books under him and climb all his branches.” “Where is Timmy now?” I asked Grandma pointed to the campfire.

one day there were these 3 cow boys sitting next to a fire and they were telling each other about their adventures well the first cow boy said i tangled with a bull that killed 6 people so i wrestled that son of a bitch to the ground with my bare hands the second cow boy said that's nothing yesterday i was walking on a trale and came across a rattler so i picked it up ,bit its head off and drank all his venom in one gulp the third cow boy remained quiet stering the embers of the fire with his penis