World Trade Center

World Trade Center Jokes

What is something you can’t say in a superhero movie? “Is it a bird, is it a plane, well whatever it is, it’s heading straight for the world trade center.”

Where do you think all the orphans went? In the world trade center, I trapped them in so they can finally get to their parents.

The two brothers were sitting next to each other. They played with planes all day long. They got to violent and now their sister(World Trade Center) stands there. The brothers were put up for adoption and the planes were given back to their owners.

Tonight, on top gear! James may dives a bus full of kids off a mountain! Richard Hammond starts WW3 in Germany! and I fly a plane into the World Trade Center!

It was September 10, 2001 when I stayed up watching TV shows. I woke up late to work at The World Trade Center. But it was burning. I said out loud, " I was late! I'm happy I was late to work! I mean.. I could've di-" I was then beaten and bruised by the emergency services.