What’s the difference between my lawn and my wrists? Nothing, I cut both of them

I wish me dog was depressed so she can cut her own nails

I wish the grass in my back lawn was emo. Because then it would cut itself

What’s the easiest way to make a glow worm happy? Cut off its tail—it’ll be delighted!


what did the hair dresser say to the power line want a power cut

What’s an emo’s favorite Pink Floyd album?

The Final Cut.

Hi how are you busy doing right I just text me and my dad was going home and walk home and I got home

a girl and her brother are walking in their garden POV:Brother. Sister:Why are you cutting those flowers?

Brother; because their beautiful!

Sister:I thought you said you cut yourself because you aren’t.


Got into a fight last night. We both had blades. He cut me deep. I thought I was gone, but he forgot to keep the water running.

Weird thing was that we were in the fight of our lives in the restroom and that guy kinda look like me.

While writing my suicide note I got a paper cut…it’s a start

What do cutting boards and a suicidal teens wrist have in common They both have cutting marks

I wish my hair was depressed Cause then it would cut itself

Why do people in wheelchairs get bullied? Because they can never stand up for themselves

I wish my lawn was emo. Then it would cut itself

I wish my grass was edgy… then it would cut itself…

we all hear cause we cut our selfs right i mean JK

My dad…came over late at night…he was drunk…he started telling me how useless I was…then I went to the kitchen grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the chest 47 times…3 minutes later…he died…now I’m losing mind…and cutting myself…

Only if Onions were emo, they’d cut themselves

Why was the depressed man happy in food-tech?

He got to cut himself.