Rapper Jokes

There were three men in a car, the driver, a homeless man, and a rapper. The driver takes the to the woods and says, "I'm not really a cab driver, I'm a wanted killer". The homeless man says"I'm not really homeless" and pulls out a chain. The rapper says, "If we're gonna be completely honest, I'm not a rapper, i'm a cop''

Hey guys, I just wanna say I say what happened to Kanye, he is one of my favorite rappers and he’s going through a hard time. I don’t see why people can’t just spread love and kindness like me💕

I think that Kanye was right to say what he said, I completely support him and I don’t understand why people hate on him for using his 1st amendment and Yeezy should be sued for it.

Quote of the day: love bests hate as for hate is the killer of friendships-Collin Kaepernick

There were three woman, one was curvy in all the right places, one was skinny but had a booty on her, and last but not least there’s one that has a BBL.. Then comes in a famous rapper guess which one he picked ???

why do megan sound like a men but she is a good singer in rapper but then pepole talk about her whats yall rapper are singer

I went to the bank to apply for a Personal Loan . Then they found out I wanted to be a rapper. SO they didn't want to Post M"loan.

When a kid says "I'm a pedophile" it means that he has a crush on one of his classmates.

When an adult says it; he is accused as a rapper.

What did the female rapper say when her boyfriend pulled his pants down and exposed his huge balls? “I like big nuts and I cannot lie!”

Kile: HEy asshole i bet you listen to trash 50cent how bout you get to quarters listen to him! My fav rapper is the best of all how bout you go eat a cracker you parrot nose fuck! remy: Im.. y-y.. YOUR DUMMER THAN ANT I BET YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER IS A CANDY RAPPER!!

(This format is probably easier to read)

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper?

-He is very cold blooded


-He is Ice Cube