Rapper Jokes


What do you call a rapper in a wheelchair? Young Boy Never Walk again

construction suicide

i am a reverse rapper because i put bars in my mouth


What’s Kobe Bryant’s Favorite Rapper, NLE Choppa

in Bank

I went to the bank to apply for a Personal Loan . Then they found out I wanted to be a rapper. SO they didn't want to Post M"loan.

in Accident

There were three men in a car, the driver, a homeless man, and a rapper. The driver takes the to the woods and says, "I'm not really a cab driver, I'm a wanted killer". The homeless man says"I'm not really homeless" and pulls out a chain. The rapper says, "If we're gonna be completely honest, I'm not a rapper, i'm a cop''

There were three woman, one was curvy in all the right places, one was skinny but had a booty on her, and last but not least there’s one that has a BBL.. Then comes in a famous rapper guess which one he picked ???


why do megan sound like a men but she is a good singer in rapper but then pepole talk about her whats yall rapper are singer


What do you call Snoop Dogg’s giant turd?

Poop Logg


What Did Rapper Pop Smoke get high off of? Cigarettes with Pop & Smoke.

David Arendt Jr
in Nut

What did the female rapper say when her boyfriend pulled his pants down and exposed his huge balls? “I like big nuts and I cannot lie!”


Kile: HEy asshole i bet you listen to trash 50cent how bout you get to quarters listen to him! My fav rapper is the best of all how bout you go eat a cracker you parrot nose fuck! remy: Im.. y-y.. YOUR DUMMER THAN ANT I BET YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER IS A CANDY RAPPER!!

Gangsta Guy
in Ice

(This format is probably easier to read)

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper?

-He is very cold blooded


-He is Ice Cube

Gangsta Guy
in Puns

-Dude, What is your favorite rapper? -He is very cold blooded -Why? -He is Ice Cube


When a kid says "I'm a pedophile" it means that he has a crush on one of his classmates.

When an adult says it; he is accused as a rapper.