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How do you get an emo out of a tree? You cut the rope.

How do you get an emo out of a tree?

Cut the rope.

There was a guy who got his entire left side cut off. Don’t worry, he is all right now.

Why do people want emo grass? Beacause it’ll cut itself.

How do you cut ancient Rome in half?

With a pair of Caesars.

I’m starting to wish my grass was emo. Why? So it would cut itself.

How does the man on the moon cut his hair? Eclipes it!

What’s an emo person’s least favorite game??? Cut The Rope.

What’s the difference between a priest and a rabbi, the rabbi cuts it off the the priest sucks it off

How do you cut the sea in half? With a sea-saw

Whats The Difference Between A Rabi And A Priest One Cuts Them Off And One Sucks Them Off

I wish my lawn was emo, because than it would cut itself.

Where did the sheep get a hair cut?

At the baa-baa shop.

3 blonde girls are on an isalnd and they are much to far away from land to swim, they find a genie on the island who offers them each 1 wish the first girl says “I wish I was smart enough to get off this island” so the genie makes her a redheaded girl, she cuts down a tree, makes it into a boat, and proceeds to row off the island. The next girl says “I wish I was even smarter then her so I don’t have to do so much manual labor” so she turns into a brunet and makes a sail boat and lets the wind take her off the island. The finale girl says “I wish I was smarter then both of them!” So she turns into a man and takes the bridge.

Whats the best part about having emo grass?

It cuts itself!!

I can’t hang out with a emo when they are sad? Why? Because it cuts deeply

Why did Susie get cut from the soccer team? She has no legs! Who broke into my house by kicking down my door? Not Susie… But she still is in my basement, since she can’t run!

I have a paper cut from writing my suicide note… it’s a start…

This man got his left arm and left leg cut off and someone asked him “How are You?” And he said “I’m all right now.”

How do you get an emo out of a tree?

Just cut the rope.