Chuck Norris can make an omelet from Kinder surprise

Before the chicken or the egg there was only Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris doesn’t zoom out everything moves backwards

Chuck Norris lit a campfire and humans saw the sun for the first time.


Chuck Norris doesn’t fly on airplanes. Airplanes fly on Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris catches Pokémon with his bare hands.

Me: makes chuck norris meme Internet: all the other memes are dead now Me: well shit.

Chuck Norris and medusa had a staring contest medusa turned to stone

the day after chuck Norris was born he drove his mom home from the hospital

Death once had a near chuck experience.

Chuck Norris trained dude perfect how to do it

Chuck Norris knows the location of Atlantis

Chuck Norris once pissed in the rank of a semi as a joke.

It is now known as Optimus Prime

Chuck Norris orders his coffee black, without water.

Chuck norris is…

what? You don’t need to know what he is. he’s just, chuck

Once upon a time… Chuck Norris steped on a Lego. R.I.P the Lego piece.

Sonic can run around the world in a second, i can do it in 0.5, ----- but chuck Norris has already done it before us.

Why was the Twin Towers knocked over? Chuck Norris was leaning on one of them.

Why are there so many jokes about Chuck Norris, but not about Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee was no joking matter.