John Cena Jokes

in Chuck Norris

John Cena once insulted Chuck Norris. That’s why we can’t see him anymore.


What did john cena say to the blind man? U CANT SEE ME!

in Orphan

my dad is john cena

because i can’t see him

Anus McDickNuggets
in Woman

I went to the “lists of women” page on wikipedia and it was blank. either, wikipedia is proving w*men do not exist or john cena decided to come out as transgender

Dax the horrible

What did John Cena say to Ray Charles? Hey, man.

Your mom

Your forehead so big John cena could wrestle on it


What do Asians and John Cena have in common? You can’t see me! LMAO


this one time i said that john cena looks like crap but i realised i cant see him LOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Doctor: tomorrow is like John cena, you won’t see it


Mom: I saw John Cena at wwe

Son: no way you can’t see him though

Mom: god

Son: what

Mom: you watch too much reality TV comes to smack butt

Son: also because I’m John Cena

Mom: whe where’d ya go

John Cena: hey mom

Mom: I’m only 31 your 42