If the red house is on the left, and the blue house on the right, where is the white house?

  • in Washington D.C.

you look like barney i´m choking you too and your face is turning all purple and blue

Whats yellow and blue and found at the bottom of a pool? A baby with slashed floaties

Why wasn’t the cheese 🧀 happy?

It was blue 😔.

Roses are red violets are blue cause comes near my Willy

roses are red violets are blue a face like yours belongs in the zoo but don’t you worry ill be there to not in a cage but laughing at you

Roses are red violets are blue your penis smells like stew and I want to eat it too

Roses are red violets are blue your brother is gay and so are you.

A man is with his friend in a bar.

The friend, out of the blue asks, “Hey, what’s your body count?”

Nervous, the man looks away.

The friend then says, “I’m talking about sex.”

The man then turns back and mumbles, “Oh… I thought you saw inside the basement…”

“Wait, wha…”


Roses are red, the sky is blue, what do you do, oh never mind I’m not homo like you

Q:What is red white and blue and fun to watch? A: a cop car rolling over after tryong to catch for speeding

what is red white and blue and makes me proud to live in this country? the baby in the corner I choked, stabbed, and then came on.

Roses are red Violets are blue two gay lovers find out they are brothers

Whats red white and blue, and crawls up your leg? A homesick abortion

What colors were Kurt Cobains eyes? Blue! One blew right and the other blew up!

whats black blue and red laying in ditch you after you disrespect me

Roses are red… Orphanes are blue… I killed the preist so i could rape them to.

Roses are red your penis is blue the bed sheet has turned a different color too.

Why was the whale sad?

Because he is blue!!!

Ok rose are red violets are blue barney looks better then you