Peace Jokes

So a kid walks in the house and says: " mommy, mommy, I found daddy". And the mother says: " stop digging around in the garden, and let you Father rest in peace.


Abner’s wife was laying on her death bed. She suddenly used all her strength to sit up and say to her husband, “I must tell you something, or my soul will never know peace. I have been unfaithful to you, Abner. In this very house, not one month ago.” “Hush, dear,” soothed Abner. “I know all about it. Why else have I poisoned you?”


Pain. gained. Anxiety. Fulfilled. Insomnia. Deppression. Always with me. Happiness... The one thing i cant have.

Quote Of The Day: Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. Love you guys, and hope today was amazing!!!

Peace out!!!! <3