Helen Keller walked into a bar. And a chair. And a table. And a wall.

How did helen kellers parents punish her?

By rearranging the furniture

Did you know Helen Keller had a dog? Neither did she

Why did Helen Kellers dog run away, you’d run too if your name was dgergbbfdnbj

How did Helen keller’s mom punish her? She put her in a circular room and told her to find the corner.

what is hellen keller’s favorite color


How did Hellen Keller’s parents punish her? They handed her a basketball as told her to “read this book”.

Q: Why does Helen Keller masturbate with one hand? A: So she can moan with the other.

Why is Helen Kellers child blind too? She always fed it with a fork!

Why can’t Helen Keller drive?

Because she’s a woman.

why was Helen kellers belly button bruised? her boyfriend was blind too.

Why did Helen Keller burn her hands? Because she was trying to read the waffle iron.

How do you confuse Helen Keller? You rearrange the furniture and glue doorknobs to the walls.


Helen Keller fell down a well she screamed and screamed until she was blue in the hands

Why doesn’t Hellen Kellers kid have ears? She gave it it’s first hair cut!

Why couldn’t anyone hear Helen Keller when she fell off a cliff? She was wearing mittens?

How do You punish helen keller.

You leave the plunger in the toilet.

Why did Helen Keller ride a broken roller coaster?

She didn’t see anything wrong with it

How did helen keller burn the side of her head? she answered the iron How’d she burn the other side? They called back