*Titanic was sinking. Passenger: How far are we from land? Captain: Two miles. Passenger: Which direction? Captain: Down.

Titanic: “And I’m nominating everyone on board for the Ice Bucket challenge!”

Did you know the pool in the Titanic is still full

If you were on the titanic and you didn’t leave the ship what would you do? Just let that sink in

What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic? About half way.

Q: What did the Ice berg say to the Titanic? A: I’d hit that.

What pool never runs dry? The one on the Titanic.

My grandfather was there when the titanic sank…he shouted 3 times that it was gonna sink until they Finally kicked him out of the movie theater…haha

How do you think the unthinkable? With an ithberg.

What is common in my AirPods and Titanic… They sync properly …

Want to watch Titanic? No, I’m not on board for it.

What type of lettuce did they serve on the Titanic? - Iceberg.

titanic - “yo look at that sexy babe of an iceberg, lets hit her”

I wonder if the titanic still sells fish?

Do you want to play titanic?

When i say iceberg you go down on me

Don’t tell a Titanic joke, or you’ll sink to a whole new low.

Two people just met. One said, “We should do some bonding.” The other nodded and said back, “Titanic.” The first just looked confused so the second one just said, “Sorry, thought that would be a good icebreaker.”

were do you go to get the best fish… a restaurant on the titanic

It was the year 1912, I was in the SS. titanic, and I woke from a dream to think, “I’ve heard of wet dreams, but is that WATER?”

A wild Iceberg appears! Titanic uses ram! It is not very effective. ( Titanic sinks. )