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why does doctor pepper come in a bottle?

his wife died

How did Steven Hawkings die? His wife tripped over his charging plug when he was at 2% battery x

My wife told me “don’t buy 1 gun while on your trip” so I decided to buy 2 guns instead

Julius’s wife always stands behind him. Therefore, whenever he looks in the mirror, he sees her (Caesar).

Whats better than throwing up a stillborn? Making your wife eat it again

Riddle: A man killed his wife in his car with a knife in his car and know one could see him. He threw the body out the car and thew the knife off a cliff. When he got home, the cops called the man and told him his wife is dead and to come to the sene of the crime. The man agreed and rushed to the scene. When he got there, the cops amediently arrested him. Why? ANSWER: The cops never said qhere the sene of the crime is.

How do you tell when your wife is dead?

The sex is the same, but the dishes pile up.

My wife purely hates me for me having sex with our daughter.

It’s not my fault I couldn’t wait to get out of the abortion clinic!

The person to make the first cannabinol cook book had a wife and ate (eight) children

Me and my friends were talking. Then we got to talk about our wives. I said “So I married a valcono for a wife. You never know when she will blow up”

Did you hear about the cannibal that came home late? His wife gave him the cold shoulder.

A wife asks her husband: am I pretty or ugly? The husband awnsers her: pretty. The wife responds: thank yo- The husband interrupts her: PRETTY UGLY!

*a married woman gets hit by a truck and the cops tell her husband Cop: sir, it looks like your wife’s been hit by a truck Man; I know but she has a great personality

Why does this Stingray’s wife can’t stop babbling? Cause, she can’t watch her mouth.

A pregnant woman enters the hospital with her concerned husband. As she goes into labor, a group of doctors asked him if he would like to try a device that transfers your spouse’s pain to the father’s nervous system. He agrees and the doctors turn to dial on the device to 10%. Strangely, the man felt little pain. They continued to adjust the dial until it stopped at 100%, yet the man felt nothing. Later on, the wife had delivered the baby the pair left the hospital with a healthy baby only to find the milkman laying on their stairs with a puddle of blood around his head, shaking uncontrollably.

What do windows have in common with my wife’s legs? They’re easy to open

A man broke into stevie wonders house and threatened to kill his wife

He just turned a blind eye

My Ex wife still misses me, but her aim is getting better! Gravity Falls Suckers

Your mom laughs at your father, because he has an ugly wife.